negative spaces

I took a nice long walk outside by my own volition for the first time this year. No tyrannical gym teachers forcing a certain pace or arbitrarily passing/failing students based on “effort”, just the wind and the sky and the occasional car passing by.
It was rather peaceful, actually. Everywhere was flooded, puddles reigning supreme. Land of a thousand lakes, indeed.



I almost made a few friend today
and then my computer decided to crash
school censorship stranded in a sea of bytes per second
biting itself in places the filters forbid it to speak of


I’m standing on the edge of a storm in a raging azule sea
salty tears lapping at my freshly washed feet from the shore
there’s daylight on the other side
if I squint my eyes just right

vacation book

a pair of blue eyes I know all too well
or are they green?
just like my own in the mirror
either both or neither
two halves of a shattered yet unbroken whole


a face I shall never meet
yet one I greet
every time I shut my eyes
and dream of my own demise
floating in the ocean blue



everywhere around me recently
I’ve been seeing the number eight
in classroom group assignments
in squad numbers for gym
in the amount of seconds between startup and login


everywhere around me recently
I’ve been seeing green
in money
in the bags I have to carry to school- and sometimes forget
in the memes I breathe to keep myself breathing
in the frogs that hate me

in the four leaf clover calling my name


eight turned on its side is infinity
an infinity I want to share with a specific person
if only I knew how to talk with them
without letting my mouth get in the way