You know, if this were ten or so years ago and I were publishing this on geocities, this post would have probably been prefaced with at least twenty dabbing GIFs that unintentionally crash every computer looking for free DLC. (Which you can’t get with this as it would violate copyright, unless you use freeshop, which I’ll be covering in a later post.)

This particular story takes place in my new house, exhausted and ready to fall asleep at any moment and suffering through the worst writer’s block I’ve had in a while. I mean, seriously- how am I supposed to spice up a lightrail train ride without filling the whole thing with self-reflection that I can imply later anyways? I hate feeling ham-fisted.

Of course, there are those who would beg to differ.


What a beautiful gift to humanity HANS is- allowing one to take screenshots in games they’re normally not allowed to, apply patches to allow everyone to be gay, changing all the voice actors to the supremely more pleasing-to-the-ear Japanese versions… But I digress. Good old Sm4sh already allows screenshots, plus all the “hacks” available are just texture and sound replacements that I can’t do anyways because they require a custom firmware. So, instead, we’ll just have to pull out ol’ reliable…

These were taken long before I got HANS. Please don’t judge ­čśŽ

The first hack displayed here is Playable Bosses, which are basically repurposed bosses from other parts of the game (and other game paths I can’t play because I’m broke) and some other characters from the previous FE game, Awakening. As you can see, when an event is triggered that normally would elicit a response from another character, most of these units don’t have any lines due to normally not being available in castle mode. However, most of the Awakening characters bundled in have lines, with only Severa that I know of to have any actual support options.


For a few of the characters, such as Anankos, Blight Dragon Garon (middle), and Empty Vessel Garon (far right), they have no idle animation data for the castle viewing function and thus just stay static models. Which can get a bit creepy when randomly spawning in right next to fully animated units…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Next up is the character swap patch, allowing characters from Birthright to join in Conquest. Unlike the save editing method demonstrated last time, this does not require constantly shuffling data between a computer and the 3DS’s microSD card; although, since the new units join via the same chapter events that normally spawn each retainer, if there’s a specific unit that you wanted that otherwise would be replaced, you will have to play that specific chapter via the Home Menu (and thus giving up screenshot support and any other patches) or disable ROMFS patching in HANS (which will still boot without any other patches). The Hoshidan unit spawning tries to match up with their Nohrian counterparts- for example, in chapter 7, when Elise the healer normally joins, Sakura the healer will join instead and be accompanied by her retainers Subaki and Hana instead of Arthur and Elise.


Of course, one should exercise caution when using this patch- Birthright characters tend to be weaker than their Conquest counterparts and have weaker growths, which is normally remedied in their original path via the Scouting and Challenge functions- but since Conquest has a limited amount of experience points to go around and thus doesn’t have these options, you have to be more careful than usual when choosing how to level characters. of course, if you have the Boo Camp DLC, this is far less of a problem as long as you’re strong enough to farm

Although, to be honest, I’m still holding out for when Hinoka joins and can tank everything- maybe then she’ll fix the bug not letting the S support button not showing up even with the gay patch.

remember that name; you’re gonna be screaming it tonight


In the previous post in this series, several laws of nature and Congress were bypassed and shattered, I got sued by Intelligent Systems for creating abominations of nature, and the internet deleted itself.

Actually, only one of those things happened, but you gotta clickbait people somehow.

The story starts with a cloudy day, part raining and part just all out crappy part of winter with slush everywhere. Procrastinating from my homework, as usual, I decided to boot up my abused copy of Fates and see how far I could go with support farming and only playing with weak characters.

Then came along a bootleg Marth, a sad copy of a character from a previous FE game that I only played in short snippets in a poorly-coded emulator. He had no chances of living up to his predecessors, bootleg or otherwise. There simply wasn’t enough gold in the bank to hire either Vane or Estella, Einherjars of previous main characters whose save files had been completed long ago, so his pitiful existence continued as he dragged his sorry party through the game.

Until save editing arrived, and he was finally able to transition into the hero-king he identified as, but it came at the cost of no longer being able to wield a dragonstone or the special sword his genocidal adoptive father made for him.

Totally not a Chinese bootleg.

True, thanks to a copied global stats file from the internet, he could have just recruited the real Marth into his party, but no- that would require work and copious amounts of gold.

Fortunately- or otherwise, depending on the viewpoint- the game started to glitch out at this point, sometimes functioning as a copy of Revelation, the third path of the game only purchasable as DLC, which I hadn’t gotten as I am broke and only have $6 remaining in my Nintendo account. This caused some… questionable effects- but hey, I’m not complaining. Free stuff, amirite?


Remember the Einherjar from last post I didn’t get a picture of who I turned into a nonfunctioning kitsune? Well, this time, they mutated into a silent dragon. I’m not sure if that’s a fin or a gigantic part of some other model waving in the foreground, but it certainly wasn’t there when checking other character models.


Thanks to hex editing, which I finally figured out how to do via a menu option inside of the save file twiddler, and a list of character IDs, I edited several low-level units that I wasn’t planning on using ever again in that particular save file to gain characters exclusive to the Birthright and Revelation game paths. One of those, Izana, was somehow able to form an S support to a female main character in a different save file and the game even played the Live2D animation that occurs when the main character gets married, further confirming my suspicions that the game contains data for all character regardless of if they appear in that particular path or not- but what for? Normally, on a non-hacked save file, the party never comes across Izana in battle since he is kidnapped and temporarily replaced by Zola, a boss in the only Conquest chapter Izana appears in.

Another character I added in, Ryoma, appeared in my castle just like a normal unit once I added him in, acting as if his appearance in Nohr, the country he wholeheartedly hates as its king killed his mother, was a completely normal thing. Nothing is amiss here.

“Marth, I swear to Anankos, I will toss your weak ass across the castle if you don’t stop parading around and flirting and help me harvest this damn wheat”


In addition, the addition of these characters tricking the game into unlocking non-Conquest-specific content also enabled me to access the other three castle styles, unusable in Conquest- they don’t even show up in the menu.


Of course, this wouldn’t be a proper sick radical World War 3 trick without more weird reclassings, so here’s a male main character Einherjar made into a shrine maiden, a fancy healer normally only found in the Birthright and Revelation paths.

“How many bootleg levels are you on? Only three? You are like a little child- watch this”

Setsuna did nothing to deserve this.


Supposedly, I’m getting a new computer tomorrow, so gone will be the days of using the Mega web interface to download 3DS homebrew files to my home computer to install when I get home. You know, on the days that I manage to remember and don’t immediately fall asleep. I’ll also finally be able to quit using half of the web services I currently use since I’ll have access to an actual desktop environment.┬á also a bigger screen for Minecraft amirite

Previously, on SRWW3T, I described the process of getting the Homebrew Launcher. There was a system update to 11.3.0-36 a few days ago, which locked me out of homebrew for a whole twelve hours- which felt like the apocalypse, of course, until good old Smea released new payloads that made everything right in the world.

Of course, upon gaining these undeserved powers, I immediately turned to cheating unlocking the full potential of the only game I could mod, good old Fire Emblem: Fates.

all around me are familiar faces

Of course, I immediately proceeded to improve the game by bounds and leaps push the bounds of what would and wouldn’t crash the entire system by using FEFTwiddler. (Which is much easier than hex editing, really…) The first thing was rip out the save file with permadeath enabled and revive Xander, one of the most OP characters in the file who had been sacrificed in a previous chapter, and max out his stats. Then came the wrath of the Einherjar units (guest units that have no voice data, lines, and cannot form supports) I’d gleaned pre-homebrew from online castles…

I don’t really think this stranger would appreciate knowing their main character got mutated into an astral dragon. Being that Lilith, a character killed via plot in the last third of the game, is the only character of that class, the game only ever has to store and retrieve the 3D model for that character. For other characters, as far as I’ve seen, the game stores head and body models in separate places and stores one general body for each class, which comes in handy for computer units in enemy battles. This also allows the system to save a little data when it comes to user units, where each unit has a few different models so that their 3D model still resembles their sprite when they reclass using a Heart/Master Seal.

As evidenced above, when a unit file defines a non-matching head and body as belonging to the same unit, problems in rendering can arise, resulting in the body model deforming in an attempt to match up the body skeleton with the head.

Here’s the normal Lilith (top right) and the normal Corrin (main character) model (bottom left) for reference.

There are a few more Einherjar units that I’ve reclassed, most notably another main character unit into an Empty Vessel, which is normally only referenced in the Conquest path in the second-to-last chapter as King Garon has finally been exposed as having been slowly and irredeemably corrupted by a demonic force. The weapon that Garon wields in this chapter, Bolverk, didn’t work with the modified Einherjar unit, but it still remained a playable character as it was able to wield a few axes I had in my convoy.

He looks kinda cute, actually, if you ignore the freaky stretching of his limbs when he swings his axe around in battle.

In the first example, as Lilith usually does not display battle animations in castle defense battles (the only ones Lilith can participate in), the Einherjar unit did not trigger a switch to the 3D model battle animations when initiating an attack and stayed stationary when paired with Ignatius. In the second example, in both situations (initiated and paired) the unit’s model had battle animations, although they stretched beyond original proportions and ran at an extremely slow speed when compared to other units. There was a third unit I forgot to take a picture of, another main character switched to the kitsune class and given a Beaststone so they could transform into a fox in battle. Their unit model was given the fur-trimmed coat, orange ears, and tail of a kitsune unit and displayed an idle animation, but stats showed that the character had zero attack points and refused to use or equip the Beaststone when attempting to initiate battle.

As all three paths of Fates contain all class data as to enable players with other paths to play multiplayer battle either locally or online, it was not an issue of the Conquest path missing assets but of incompatible units.

In conclusion, although the title mentions hacking, this really wasn’t hacking, as the word implied unauthorized access. I used svdt to access the save files, which were all stored locally on the device memory and ripped to the external microSD card for editing on the computer before being flashed back. No data from the online servers was touched, making everything I did within my own personally owned hardware and therefore fully authorized.

My next homebrew adventure? Probably figuring out how to make all the units bisexual since there aren’t enough female units around to unlock everybody’s paralogue within one save file. (Paralogues are unlocked when male units get married with the exception of Azura, who has her own in addition to her husband’s. The wives get to influence the color of the child’s hair, if that’s any consolation.)

One wrong button press in the save editor, and one unit suddenly becomes married to everyone. Just the way it should be.


My life might be falling apart before my eyes as pull myself out of a creative slump, but at least I got the homebrew to work on my new 3DS.

You can almost see the state of my current priorities list.

Instead of cloning the entire tutorial in this post, I followed the instructions┬áhere. Note: even though the tutorial only mentions the otherapp payload, you also need the ropbin payload, which is available at the same page the former can be acquired from. Otherwise, you’ll get the otherapp black screen for a few seconds, get excited, and then the system will boot right back to the default launcher. Also make sure to name the files correctly, or else the system will yell at you about an “unknown error” upon attempting the exploit and force a shutdown.

The best thing about this exploit: it’s temporary, only runs when you tell it to, and doesn’t modify the system at all. (So please don’t start ranting at me in a moral panic in the comment section.)

Unfortunately, my school chromebook refuses to let me transfer half of the files I need for proper emulation, so either I have to wait for access to my home computer or be stuck switching out the microSD cards in my phone and the 3DS.

So, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go get some severe eyestrain from a nice Minecraft clone. Or maybe tomorrow. Sleep is great too, kids.