is a poem a poem if it does not have a title?

a vision passed in front of my eyes today
and I was helpless to stop it from coming true

long fingers stained blood red
my friend suddenly swept up far away
and even though we thought we’d never see each other again
we promised to meet again nonetheless

redundancies were never something I was good at dealing with

in this day and age of constant connectivity
it’s especially bitter when you lose connection with a person
where you have no way of communicating- or where to even look for them
are they even still alive?

you promised to meet me at the park today five years prior
but it’s half a world away now
you probably waited out in the cold for hours

it’s too far to yell and be heard from so many miles
but I should apologize all the same


Saia (sudo apt install anarchy)


Welp, here we are, boys. And girls. And fellow aliens of indiscriminate gender.

I’ve finally gone and done it and cracked.

A while ago, while on a trip to my grandma’s house, I had a sudden and brilliant idea- I already spent a good amount of time in the terminal, reinstalling programs and whatnot every time I tried and failed to distrohop, so why not spend even more?

What could possibly go wrong?

So I’ve created this program called Saia (which stands for sudo apt install anarchy). It’s aimed to be a wrapper around command-line interface programs that are obstenibly useful but that I couldn’t possibly even fathom remembering all the commands and argument flags for. For example, if I wanted to make a symbolic link of my Writing folder to my Hell partition where I keep thinking it still is (since I had to move it), I could either:

  • ln -s /mnt/seliph/Writing /mnt/Hell


  • saia link (and let the on-screen instructions do it for me)

Currently it only works for Debian systems; that is, it’s hardcoded to use aptitude, Debian’s package manager. It should be trivially easy to port it to other distros; just change the commands that make use of package managers:

# use apt pacman to update all programs currently installed

if [ “$1” = “update” ]
apt update && apt upgrade pacman -Syu

saia testing 1.1.1
Byobu window manager on Ubuntu Server. Lynx on top, Saia on bottom.

To install the latest version:

chmod +x ./saia

You can then run it directly by using ./saia, or you can move it to /usr/bin and just use saia.

Oh, and it’s also FOSS/open source/libre/whatever the current terminology is nowadays.


does the rain in Spain really fall in the plain?
what about the rooftops coated in sky’s tears
and empty nests flooded and damp to the point of disintegration

I know it’s just a silly rhyme
but sometimes I wonder if the plain really isn’t a plain
a line written by the depths of despair

and now someone I hate could possibly know my true name
not the one put on my birth certificate without my wanting
but the one that stays hidden away, locked in a safebox
my golden ticket out of this place

I never wanted to be famous
stalked or revered or worshipped
all I’ve ever wanted is respect
and a shred of understanding


1v1 me, procrastination. Fox only, Final Destination, no weapons

I have problems with consistency. For example, one of my New Year’s resolutions was to post at least once per day, but today it somehow completely slipped my mind until bedtime. And I swore that the only way I’d ever be able to finish my next book in a timely manner was to write a full chapter every day of the weekend and at least one page during the week- but I spent this whole last weekend just trying to figure out what in the world I wanted Part 5 to be about.

But I finished four pages today, so that’s nice, I suppose. And I’m writing my daily post now.

So I suppose I’m not completely gone.


a wise man once told me
to always go to bed angry
to let my rage simmer
and concentrate into something more solid

a wise man once told me
that this would bring out the monsters dancing under my bed
and let them coo and chatter as they pleased
emancipated from the confines of the mind

a wise man once told me
to listen to these creatures
to record every word they said
and use it to light my way

but if I lingered too long
I might become what I hate

but I have listened too much
and now I see it reflected in everybody else