i don’t mind if you’re overrated

or if you’re at the edge of the world

It’s been a really long time since I did a personal update. Maybe that’s for the best, considering the current political mess that’s raging around right now. My summer vacation days have so far been filled with making perler bead art (which I’ll feature eventually), visiting colleges that I’ll have to apply for this fall, and preparing for the biggest event this summer, and you already know what it is…

Girl Scout Camp.

This will be the third year since creating MayVaneDay that I’ve covered the lalapalooza that’s Girl Scout Camp. This year, I’m going to be the newsletter maker for the camp instead of being assigned to a unit, which means more photos- and more of a mess. I won’t have any little girls to focus on, but instead, the whole camp will be my oyster- as long as I get the newsletter done in time to send it to the printers and have an adult get the printed products back to me. Given the fact that my Windows installation on my computer has recently taken to randomly refusing to load LibreOffice and Firefox and I have no idea how to use GIMP on Ubuntu, this will be… interesting. (I use paint.net for 99% of my photo editing, but sometimes I’m too lazy to reboot my computer just to use one program and then boot back. The above photo was cropped in GIMP, so that’s why it’s so poor quality.)

But hey, if it means more time in the air conditioning and more girls to meet and have fun with and less time hauling lunch supplies up and down the rocky eroded pathway down to Timbermeade’s basement, then I’m all for it. Although I won’t be able to use the go-karts until I’m 21, at which point I’ll be considered an adult volunteer instead of an older girl. And I’ll get to go swimming whenever I want!

That is, if I don’t somehow manage to mess it up. Which I’m not planning to, but considering the current administration… I’ve already got high expectations.

There are at least five new pairs of shorts in a plastic shopping bag on my bedroom floor, and a laundry basket full of freshly washed clothes in the corner, and several more chapters of Living Wasteland queued up and ready to autopost over the next few days. I’ll see you on Saturday.


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