Eponine’s diary, 6/1/2147, second page

I’m in a meeting right now. One, maybe two people are giving me derisive looks for writing in this notebook instead of speaking, but honestly, I’m not the tactician type. Not even with a fancy Providence costume and a nonfunctional dot. I’d rather volunteer backstage than for the front lines.

Issue number one, and the one that’s been on everybody’s minds: what to do with Liv/Serlis/the countless derisive names invented for her in the four days since she was sworn in like “wannabe chosen one” and “Earthen scum” and others involving sexual intentions I won’t repeat here. Kinda weak attempts, if you ask me. The Earthen kids in high schools I know I’ll never attend would have spat out straight fire if they wanted to roast Liv. But I digress. Most of the rebels want to stick with the original plan of keeping her whereabouts a secret until it’s time for her to resign as Providence. Some of them proposed holding her hostage and trying to bribe Amelia out of her office, but this idea got shot down because what’s to stop one of her cronies from reappointing Amelia once they’ve got Liv back? Then both they and we would be right back where we started with the additional risk of Liv leaking knowledge of this base and somehow loopholing troops in using her pendant.

Final ruling: Majority wins. She’ll stay in the prison room apart from everybody else.

Issue number two: what exactly we’re going to say to the public, and when we’re going to present it. Someone suggested June 21 since it would be the summer solstice on Earth, but that’s too far away, and we need to strike now while people are confused about Liv’s sudden disappearance and major investigations haven’t gone too far. A few days is plenty of time, we eventually conceded. But what to say? Do we prepare a massive dialogue to stir up the people’s hearts, or do we just go ahead and hack into Miralay’s speaker system and drop all the information and let them do with it what they will?

Final ruling: Sully volunteers to write out a script and says she’ll be ready by then.

That’s the Sully I know. Always dependable.

Someone in the corner woke up from their nap. Gerwis slugged them in the shoulder. Nobody’s allowed to sleep during meetings. Everyone has to participate in some way unless they’ve already got a job lined up, like the two people standing guard at Liv’s room.

Issues three and four are the result of two people- Alexa and Anastasia- bickering at the far end of the room closest to the door over what protocol they’re going to use to hijack the speaker system. Most of their chatter goes over my head and I’d have liked to listen to them ramble on if we hadn’t been in the middle of a meeting. But then they mentioned the “physical proof” of the other Providences that our recipe requires, talking up a regal picture of Sully and Gerwis riding through the sector hallways with a single regard for who they came across in a chariot pulled by two white horses. It’s a stupid daydream- Miralay doesn’t have horses or chariots or even corridors wide enough for that kind of ruckus. Sully pipes up and says that she’s not going to show her face to the public in such a pompous manner anytime soon. But it’s a nice thought. Maybe a few pictures printed and stuck on the walls of some of the main sector corridors? But how are we going to print anything? Anything printed is imported from Earth, and there’s no press we can hijack. Normal Miralayans aren’t going to have any electronic devices. That’s going to be a problem-

Liv’s gone missing. The two guards have keeled over, both unconscious. The room is empty. How- she was paralyzed-


Is that even possible here on Miralay?

I’ll be right back, diary. We’re going into lockdown mode.


False alarm. Liv is back inside of her room. Apparently one of the guards thought that it would be funny to try to play a prank on us by dragging her outside of the room- because, of course, she isn’t going to resist- and leaving her in one of the more abandoned rooms down the sector corridor. I found her crumpled over, face-down and struggling to breathe because her face was pressed up against the wall. She didn’t say anything as I carried her back to the prison room, just stared at me like I was committing some ultimate transgression, like I could petrify her with just a glance.

Like I could break her whenever I pleased.

Although, I mean, I did promise to kill her in front of a whole crowd of people. If the roles were reversed, I’d be pretty terrified too.

As for the issue that we left off on when the scare happened, we’ve decided that some of those of us with biological siblings or look-alikes are going to kidnap others and switch with them to avoid suspicion at first before they reveal their Providence dots. We’ve designated a few rooms towards the badlands of the abandoned sector for keeping the real kids and adults (separated by age and gender, of course) and potentially having them interred in stasis pods if we can get our hands on even one, let alone enough to keep them docile.

I shouldn’t have threatened Liv with a stasis pod. How was I supposed to follow through with that? I’m such an idiot. I might have some autonomy, sure, but only enough to decide how exactly I want to hand over my title to someone else. I might as well be a fledgling just defected here. It feels kind of refreshing to have to work my way up the ladder, actually.

Sully is calling me over for something. I have to go.


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