Eponine’s diary, 5/31/2147

It’s been a damn long time since I last wrote a diary entry. Are you going to be as nice to me as my old diary was, you plain old notebook? You collection of Earthen fibers that my good friend Sully pilfered from a supply ship?

If Liv forced me to be the Providence, I’d pick Sully as my retainer. She’s a former internet friend of mine and dependable and could probably kick my ass in a fight and I can trust her not to kiss up to me unlike the rest of Miralay. Of course, since I walked out at the Providence ceremony, the whole point’s moot. I’m never going to be Providence. By the time the Fourth of July rolls around, I’ll either be free or dead.

Hopefully I’ll get to take Sully with me either way.

I should probably update you so that, as a dementia-riddled senior like all those government officials believe I’ll become, I won’t be drawing blanks. The tl;dr version of things is that Liv betrayed me to Miralay and I got frozen and carted off here in a warping spaceship and I made a big ruckus at the ceremony. I ran off and stumbled across the hidden tunnel that leads to this forgotten sector of Miralay, closed after a plague rushed through in the fourth Providences’ reign and wiped out a sizable part of the population and then was basically forgotten. They almost killed me at first before they saw the rumpled cape of my uniform and decided that maybe their job would be easier if they only had one Providence to dethrone instead of two. Besides, I had a pendant, after all…

Rebels, revolutionaries, and discontented people of all shades have taken refuge in this little section for a long time. Every reign, they try to find new ways of dethroning the Providences. Every reign, they’ve failed, the defenses strengthening and what was left of the dissidents hiding out in here to bide their time. But seven is a lucky number, right? Seventh time’s a charm. And now Liv is out of the way, and I was never a problem, and now Amelia’s the head honcho that needs to go down.

Speaking of bosses, I don’t think I’ve ever actually seen the rebel leader. But I suppose there’s a first time for everything.

The takeover should be simple, really. A nice little recipe that I copied off the internet and adapted. Dump in two cups of revealing to the public that the simple act of not having your children grow in the gestation chambers will make them into Providences. Add in some sort of proof of Sully and Gerwis, a buff dude I would have mistaken for a tribal warrior had it not been for the Miralayan plainclothes he wore, and pretty much ninety percent of the refugees here in this sector. Plop in the notion that maybe the government is purposely giving the privilege of birthing the Providences to people that they like and can influence. Put on heat and let simmer for a week until distrust in the Amelia-led government starts manifesting. Stir in an announcement of Liv and I formally stepping down from our places as Providence. (I’ll have to convince her to do that eventually.) Make memory shedding completely optional and introduce the idea of bringing in labor from Earth and also using the memory shedding process to only transfer the required training for jobs. Remove Amelia by force and discard into trash. Add in revolutionary candidates for the new open offices. Sprinkle in voting booths overseen by other rebels so that the populace doesn’t inadvertently create more Providences.

It’s perfect. The people will still feel like they’re in control, we’ll gain their trust, and in the end, I’ll still be able to go back home to Earth. A constitution will have to be drafted eventually to keep some shitwit from starting up the Providences all over again. And encouraging people to maybe stop using the gestation chambers… and maybe coming up with term lengths and all that fun stuff…

Damn, politics is hard. Above all, I just want to go back home to Heavestone and live like a normal human being. If a spaceship just showed up and promised to let me leave, I’d probably go. But this is the best plan I currently have, and I bet this is a better plan than Liv has, considering she’s even made one at all.

My parents must have been revolutionaries of some sort. They had pendants. They gave me a pendant. This sector is the only place you can get a special pendant that allows access to the loops of time- that’s what I’m going to call them now.

Sully is snoring beside me. Our mattresses are placed right next to each other, our bodies separated by my blanket and her sleeping bag. It was going to be mine, but she had been here longer and it was far too hot for my puberty-raged body, so I gave it to her.

I’m not in love with Sully. I’m not in love with Liv. I’ll never be in love with Liv. There’s no time for love here. We’ve got a planet to save. There will be all the time in the world for me to romance someone when I get back to Earth.

Are you still there, Boney?

Wait for me, Boney.


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