So I guess I’m not at the verge of a complete mental shutdown anymore.

Actually, that’s a lie. My health teacher’s got a vendetta against me and my Spanish teacher thinks it’s funny to spread out homework assignments across as many sites as possible. But hey, my meme game’s gotten stronger, so there’s that.

I don’t think I’m going to be posting every single day anymore. In the beginning, I posted when I damn well felt like it, and I got far more views due to the erratic posting nature- there was no longer a set time at which people could check to get all that day’s posts in one go. Gotta squeeze those views out somehow.

It’s a simple matter of quality over quantity. Either one can rush posts in an effort to have something new every day, putting unnecessary strain on themselves to publish something even when they have no thoughts to put down, or one can stay behind and craft a masterpiece to publish every once in a while- but then again, apparently people ditch their place in the following list if you don’t make your presence known in their feed often enough. No, I’m not dead. at least, not physically

In addition, I’m going to try to find a way to bypass the stats page that automatically loads when I try to go from the Reader to the post edit page without defaulting back to the old-style editor. A post’s success should be determined by its quality and the worth it imparts to its readers and to me in the process of making it, not by how many likes it gathers or views it receives. Besides, being an advocate for online privacy, I’ve noticed how the Ghostery plugin lists the necessary scripts WordPress runs on every page to gather stats as a tracker, which it then blocks. In addition, RSS readers and email followers don’t get these scripts regardless, so there are more uncounted views. This could be one of the post popular blogs on the internet and I wouldn’t even know.

My new house is coming together quite nicely, although my new room has substantially less space to move around than my old room did. My dogs, given every single opportunity, immediately run down to my room and jump onto my bed, where they stay for hours in an attempt to hinder any tries to do homework. The sink above the downstairs bathroom feels the need to remind everyone to wash their hands and use soap. Life is getting better, I guess.


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