In the previous post in this series, several laws of nature and Congress were bypassed and shattered, I got sued by Intelligent Systems for creating abominations of nature, and the internet deleted itself.

Actually, only one of those things happened, but you gotta clickbait people somehow.

The story starts with a cloudy day, part raining and part just all out crappy part of winter with slush everywhere. Procrastinating from my homework, as usual, I decided to boot up my abused copy of Fates and see how far I could go with support farming and only playing with weak characters.

Then came along a bootleg Marth, a sad copy of a character from a previous FE game that I only played in short snippets in a poorly-coded emulator. He had no chances of living up to his predecessors, bootleg or otherwise. There simply wasn’t enough gold in the bank to hire either Vane or Estella, Einherjars of previous main characters whose save files had been completed long ago, so his pitiful existence continued as he dragged his sorry party through the game.

Until save editing arrived, and he was finally able to transition into the hero-king he identified as, but it came at the cost of no longer being able to wield a dragonstone or the special sword his genocidal adoptive father made for him.

Totally not a Chinese bootleg.

True, thanks to a copied global stats file from the internet, he could have just recruited the real Marth into his party, but no- that would require work and copious amounts of gold.

Fortunately- or otherwise, depending on the viewpoint- the game started to glitch out at this point, sometimes functioning as a copy of Revelation, the third path of the game only purchasable as DLC, which I hadn’t gotten as I am broke and only have $6 remaining in my Nintendo account. This caused some… questionable effects- but hey, I’m not complaining. Free stuff, amirite?


Remember the Einherjar from last post I didn’t get a picture of who I turned into a nonfunctioning kitsune? Well, this time, they mutated into a silent dragon. I’m not sure if that’s a fin or a gigantic part of some other model waving in the foreground, but it certainly wasn’t there when checking other character models.


Thanks to hex editing, which I finally figured out how to do via a menu option inside of the save file twiddler, and a list of character IDs, I edited several low-level units that I wasn’t planning on using ever again in that particular save file to gain characters exclusive to the Birthright and Revelation game paths. One of those, Izana, was somehow able to form an S support to a female main character in a different save file and the game even played the Live2D animation that occurs when the main character gets married, further confirming my suspicions that the game contains data for all character regardless of if they appear in that particular path or not- but what for? Normally, on a non-hacked save file, the party never comes across Izana in battle since he is kidnapped and temporarily replaced by Zola, a boss in the only Conquest chapter Izana appears in.

Another character I added in, Ryoma, appeared in my castle just like a normal unit once I added him in, acting as if his appearance in Nohr, the country he wholeheartedly hates as its king killed his mother, was a completely normal thing. Nothing is amiss here.

“Marth, I swear to Anankos, I will toss your weak ass across the castle if you don’t stop parading around and flirting and help me harvest this damn wheat”


In addition, the addition of these characters tricking the game into unlocking non-Conquest-specific content also enabled me to access the other three castle styles, unusable in Conquest- they don’t even show up in the menu.


Of course, this wouldn’t be a proper sick radical World War 3 trick without more weird reclassings, so here’s a male main character Einherjar made into a shrine maiden, a fancy healer normally only found in the Birthright and Revelation paths.

“How many bootleg levels are you on? Only three? You are like a little child- watch this”

Setsuna did nothing to deserve this.



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