obligatory valentine’s day post

You thought this was going to be another poem, didn’t you? Another poem where I complain along with millions of other people how nobody wants to date me on this day that has no overall significance in my daily existence. Although I do have finals the next two days, so maybe I should put in some contingency plans just in case I don’t end up surviving.

So why am I alone, you ask? I don’t particularly like answering that question, usually choosing to brush it off with the cliche answer of “I just haven’t found the right person yet.” And in a way, that’s true- I haven’t found a person yet, and I probably never will, because my expectations have been so warped by all the time I spent with my head in books and code and focusing in myself that I seem to have completely lost touch with reality.

My perfect partner would probably be just as passionate about writing and privacy as I am- there’s something strangely romantic in proposing not to get a ring and increase oneself’s tax burdens but in purposely choosing to evade the constant unwarranted spying we live under. Not to give you spoilers for my next book, of course… But any pact to mutually improve each other would be just as devoted. I’d like to not get tangled up in romantic cliches. I’d like to believe I was destined for greatness, and reenacting some sappy fanfiction from the depths of the hellsite that is Wattpad isn’t exactly what I’m going for.

But all the seemingly eligible candidates for a completely voluntary role seem to not be present or even existent. I don’t want to be a selfie prop to continue some meaningless streak- don’t make me go under the dog filter; tell me about your dogs, their habits and how long it takes for them to roll over and expose their bellies when you get home from school. Let’s not fume over others; let’s discuss the fumes polluting the environment and how we can carve out an existence that hurts the least amount of people as possible, if even anybody at all. A small stone ring in the garden encircling a small crop of plants to ease the grocery bill is better than an overpriced gemstone ring any day.


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