Supposedly, I’m getting a new computer tomorrow, so gone will be the days of using the Mega web interface to download 3DS homebrew files to my home computer to install when I get home. You know, on the days that I manage to remember and don’t immediately fall asleep. I’ll also finally be able to quit using half of the web services I currently use since I’ll have access to an actual desktop environment.  also a bigger screen for Minecraft amirite

Previously, on SRWW3T, I described the process of getting the Homebrew Launcher. There was a system update to 11.3.0-36 a few days ago, which locked me out of homebrew for a whole twelve hours- which felt like the apocalypse, of course, until good old Smea released new payloads that made everything right in the world.

Of course, upon gaining these undeserved powers, I immediately turned to cheating unlocking the full potential of the only game I could mod, good old Fire Emblem: Fates.

all around me are familiar faces

Of course, I immediately proceeded to improve the game by bounds and leaps push the bounds of what would and wouldn’t crash the entire system by using FEFTwiddler. (Which is much easier than hex editing, really…) The first thing was rip out the save file with permadeath enabled and revive Xander, one of the most OP characters in the file who had been sacrificed in a previous chapter, and max out his stats. Then came the wrath of the Einherjar units (guest units that have no voice data, lines, and cannot form supports) I’d gleaned pre-homebrew from online castles…

I don’t really think this stranger would appreciate knowing their main character got mutated into an astral dragon. Being that Lilith, a character killed via plot in the last third of the game, is the only character of that class, the game only ever has to store and retrieve the 3D model for that character. For other characters, as far as I’ve seen, the game stores head and body models in separate places and stores one general body for each class, which comes in handy for computer units in enemy battles. This also allows the system to save a little data when it comes to user units, where each unit has a few different models so that their 3D model still resembles their sprite when they reclass using a Heart/Master Seal.

As evidenced above, when a unit file defines a non-matching head and body as belonging to the same unit, problems in rendering can arise, resulting in the body model deforming in an attempt to match up the body skeleton with the head.

Here’s the normal Lilith (top right) and the normal Corrin (main character) model (bottom left) for reference.

There are a few more Einherjar units that I’ve reclassed, most notably another main character unit into an Empty Vessel, which is normally only referenced in the Conquest path in the second-to-last chapter as King Garon has finally been exposed as having been slowly and irredeemably corrupted by a demonic force. The weapon that Garon wields in this chapter, Bolverk, didn’t work with the modified Einherjar unit, but it still remained a playable character as it was able to wield a few axes I had in my convoy.

He looks kinda cute, actually, if you ignore the freaky stretching of his limbs when he swings his axe around in battle.

In the first example, as Lilith usually does not display battle animations in castle defense battles (the only ones Lilith can participate in), the Einherjar unit did not trigger a switch to the 3D model battle animations when initiating an attack and stayed stationary when paired with Ignatius. In the second example, in both situations (initiated and paired) the unit’s model had battle animations, although they stretched beyond original proportions and ran at an extremely slow speed when compared to other units. There was a third unit I forgot to take a picture of, another main character switched to the kitsune class and given a Beaststone so they could transform into a fox in battle. Their unit model was given the fur-trimmed coat, orange ears, and tail of a kitsune unit and displayed an idle animation, but stats showed that the character had zero attack points and refused to use or equip the Beaststone when attempting to initiate battle.

As all three paths of Fates contain all class data as to enable players with other paths to play multiplayer battle either locally or online, it was not an issue of the Conquest path missing assets but of incompatible units.

In conclusion, although the title mentions hacking, this really wasn’t hacking, as the word implied unauthorized access. I used svdt to access the save files, which were all stored locally on the device memory and ripped to the external microSD card for editing on the computer before being flashed back. No data from the online servers was touched, making everything I did within my own personally owned hardware and therefore fully authorized.

My next homebrew adventure? Probably figuring out how to make all the units bisexual since there aren’t enough female units around to unlock everybody’s paralogue within one save file. (Paralogues are unlocked when male units get married with the exception of Azura, who has her own in addition to her husband’s. The wives get to influence the color of the child’s hair, if that’s any consolation.)

One wrong button press in the save editor, and one unit suddenly becomes married to everyone. Just the way it should be.



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