interesting that I just realized
that at this exact time of January last year
I was going through another depressive streak
for the exact same reasons

funny how time is circular, huh?
am I going to go through the drought in the middle of June
and choose my birthday to hate myself for no apparent reason
and laugh myself to my almost-death anew?

stuck on the middle road again
wishing there was somebody who could walk with me
there is no outside force influencing me to do the things I do
all the blame for my actions rests on me and me alone

and I don’t see why it’s such a horrendous action
to take responsibility for oneself
because my successes were gained by me and the actions I took
and the crimes I commit are fully my own

I want nothing to do with your war
I just want to find happiness without hurting others
is that so much to ask?


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