yo deseo…

I wish that 2016 would have taught me to be a more compassionate human being, but instead it emblazoned in blood-red letters across the sky, not to soon be forgotten, the depravity that the human race is capable of becoming.

No wars were declared in the newspapers, no atomic bombs were dropped- that we know of- but at home, a more insidious kind of warfare was raging on… a war of trust. Who do you entrust with your opinions? Who do you bare your heart to when a single misstep leads in a mob at your front door for the simple crime of speaking?

Bullets were fired, yes- but the pen is mightier than the sword, and the keyboard is a bludgeon. Trees sat undisturbed in public arboretums, manufacturing oxygen for rallies gone wrong for causes that were never right in the first place. Entire empires rose- and fell- overnight, or over the day, depending on local timezones and whether or not one had already holed up in a bomb shelter, waiting for the apocalypse to happen.

It was the current year, it is the current year, and it will forever be the current year.

Welcome to 2017.


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