it says a lot about you when you praise
the quality of remaining childlike
growth is essential for more than just plants
pruning is for overactive trees, not human minds

I need no advocates
I can speak for myself
speak the truth or don’t speak at all
I can answer for my own sins

and when they come to hang me
I will hold my head high
for the world is not so black and white as it seems
and I will stand alone or not at all

this house is a neutral home; I welcome all who wish no harm on me
regardless of past, present, or future circumstances
and ask for nothing but that you harm no one in return
that’s more than you can boast of


tell me, forest girl
how does it feel to have to leave your home?
saying goodbye forever to the trees and flowers
you swore you’d never leave again

the open rolling hills aren’t much of a consolation
fields open wide with sky and foreign plants
too much sky- do you feel like you’re going to collapse?
hold my hand tightly, then

forest boy, you look so pale
barely surviving a thunderstorm’s hail
the tree cover is too much for me
I think I’ll move to the city

and now I’m floating disconnected from time
represented by a long string of arbitrary digits
what is it that makes some values more valuable?
the stars may never know


She brushed her hair out of her eyes as she ducked into the room, making a mental note to replace the lightbulbs the first chance she could. The cars zooming by on the highway a short skip away from the house cast neon shadows on the walls, ghosts there one moment and gone the next.

Sometimes she had visions of joining the shadows, escaping from the city at last after five years of the same desolate bed, the same unfilled picture frames hanging on the walls from holes which had long stretched beyond their original proportions. Her friends had abandoned her long ago for brighter prospects.

She slugged off her backpack beside the open entrance to her room and winced as the door squeaked behind her, ancient hinges never cleaned since their installation whining. The walls certainly couldn’t talk, but the hinges could scream, threatening to call out her existence to the landlord whose eyes were currently averted elsewhere.

If she got her way, they would stay there until her payment came.

She flopped onto her bed, pulling over her backpack and relishing in the whoosh her short blade made when it was extracted. Her golden opportunity would come tomorrow.


My life might be falling apart before my eyes as pull myself out of a creative slump, but at least I got the homebrew to work on my new 3DS.

You can almost see the state of my current priorities list.

Instead of cloning the entire tutorial in this post, I followed the instructions here. Note: even though the tutorial only mentions the otherapp payload, you also need the ropbin payload, which is available at the same page the former can be acquired from. Otherwise, you’ll get the otherapp black screen for a few seconds, get excited, and then the system will boot right back to the default launcher. Also make sure to name the files correctly, or else the system will yell at you about an “unknown error” upon attempting the exploit and force a shutdown.

The best thing about this exploit: it’s temporary, only runs when you tell it to, and doesn’t modify the system at all. (So please don’t start ranting at me in a moral panic in the comment section.)

Unfortunately, my school chromebook refuses to let me transfer half of the files I need for proper emulation, so either I have to wait for access to my home computer or be stuck switching out the microSD cards in my phone and the 3DS.

So, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go get some severe eyestrain from a nice Minecraft clone. Or maybe tomorrow. Sleep is great too, kids.

palabras del mar

remember the days when my heart leaped
at the chance to smatter some words on a screen?
granted, I didn’t have much else to do
but it was still a luxury

and now I have lost the motivation
to do much of anything
but yet I keep pushing on
because I have to know how the story ends

I was reminded today
of an old laptop floating along a river
pleading for the end of its own existence
thankfully, I don’t need a charger to have a spark

take a good look at the implicit data
sure, the celebrities will tell people stories of how anything is possible
simply because they’ve made it out of the system
but that’s because you almost never hear the stories of those who weren’t as lucky

it has yet to be seen
whether or not I will be an outlier