la urba sorĉistino

a little girl climbs up the steps to my house
her head full of words and her hand full of flowers
hastily arranged into a bouquet
today is the day

she knocks on my door
“can I come inside for a minute?”
her hair is waving in the wind
so I say yes and let her in

there are flowers on her dress
hand-stitched by her grandmother
her eyes are dry from the long walk
water cures almost all

“why ever did you come to visit me,
the urban witch from the city?
this place is asleep
and not even I can wake it up”

she looks up through full lashes
“Christmas is fast approaching
and I need a present for mommy
for she has been sick all these years”

I show her to my shelf
and let her pick out a box
gold and trimmed with gaudy ribbons
her mother will love it


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