la nuna jaro

goodbye, 2016
nobody will miss you
except for uptight and self-righteous teenagers in the future
looking back on the year of memes with rose-colored glasses

you started off the whole endeavor
with a slap in the face from those we trusted first
will there ever be a Sunday not spent in rage
at the lighting and burning of a strawman?

Wonka, of all people, got a puppet in the office
with the best damn life insurance anyone has seen
have you seen my dress? I need to be a stereotype
in order to be accepted in this realm of identity politics

frogs are everywhere, like some kind of biblical plague
no, officer, I promise that I am not discriminatory
in the land of great divides, genuinely kind people have been devalued
in favor of a perpetually boot-stomping people

goodbye, 2016
cold assassin in the night with a blade and a bow
taking down multitudes in the public spotlight, whether famous or infamous
I’ll hide out in my bathroom, not the only space in my house, my life
that always has and always will be neutral

dear rosemary

dear Rosemary
are those the same lies you told all of your lovers?
with lips red as your half-namesake
and that sting worse than thorns

someone told me “stay away things
that never belonged to you”
clearly she had a mark of ownership on him
why are you so greedy?

you can’t fool me
with the collar around your neck
you know you’re the owner around here, not the object
release me from your prison of mirrors
only clowns are supposed to joke around

dear Rosemary
did you really love her?
or is that your excuse for every mistake of yours

novaj akvoj

it’s all or nothing
a night without distractions
or a world full of noise
but nobody’s saying anything of substance

waves crash against the ocean shore
messengers from a different world’s horizon
I’ve never dipped my toes in such an expanse
and I highly doubt that you have either

my heart has always wished that it could fly
obsession to the point of embarrassment
but any kind of opening up feels humiliating
the only person who cages me is myself

a veces, I wish I could float among the stars
and forget the life I’m stuck in
but only for a little while- permanence always scared me
leave the door open, please

untitled number 17

do you see the girl over there
with the bag over her head?
it’s there because she’s carrying too many people
in memories and in her heart

what is one to do
when they are inhabited by more than one soul?
how are they supposed to share?
are they even meant to share

switching every midnight
clinging to every moment of sanity
tossing and turning in the sheets
hoping that the bridge never shows itself

don’t look back on your shadow
you might see someone else’s face
to them, you are the stranger
encroaching on their right to life


the golden days are here
but they’re dying out fast
the “sands of time” metaphor has grown stale
but somehow I still feel the need to make it
for time stretches out when all I want is the sun to go down
but flees when I want it to hang high

do you love? do you need love?

I’ve made so many friends over the past few days
and a few dozen enemies too
too bad they aren’t real

my eyes are bleary
from too long spent in the confines of my room
trying desperately to forget the person I am
at least for a little while
so ironic that I make such a big deal about trying to keep myself
and then turn around and do the exact opposite when I have the chance

but then again, all my worst enemies, real or imagined
will always say that I was a hypocrite
it’s up to you whether or not you want to believe them