from the OTHER archives: Socks, Part 4, Chapters 32-35

This is going to be a doozy of a post- moving seems to be progressing far faster than I expected, and I don’t know how much longer I’m going to have reliable access to a computer for more than five minutes. And, of course, school takes first priority for the little time I can find…

“We’re here!” Emma yelled to the rest of the bus when they pulled into the semi-parking lot for the Laboratory of Soona Bris. “Everybody get off and don’t cause chaos! And WAKE UP, YASMIN!”

Semi-parking lot? Could you possibly explain that, G? I’m not really imagining it.

Yasmin groaned and started sleepily walking to the front of the bus. “What happened to Luna?”
“She went somewhere,” Emma cheerfully replied. “I don’t know and I don’t care.”

She’s, what, FIVE? I know you’ve got some problems, Emma, but why wouldn’t you care for the safety of a small child? Who broke you?

“Well, then, get off of the bus! We have better things to do than just stand around here. We have a girl to save and I have some questioning to do.”
When everybody had gotten off of the bus, Emma yelled, “Ok! When I stop talking, what we’ll do is climb over the barbed wire fence, find a way inside, and then start a rampage! If you see a girl with short black hair and glasses, feel free to mob her! Don’t break anything while we’re inside, though. And tell me if you find IT!”

I have no idea why you have such a problem saying “Algeria frozen into a diamond” that you feel the need to use such a vague euphemism, G… but okay.

All of the kids started going on a rampage towards the barbed wire fence. A lot of them were helping other kids get over the fence, and Emma wasn’t doing bad at all.
When they got inside, everybody who was working there started screaming and running for their lives as the kids swarmed all over the place. Everybody started splitting up into groups and going down random hallways.

I don’t know why, after being kidnapped, these kids feel so loyal towards Yasmin and her band of freaks that they would be willing to do her dirty work.

“Oh, where are you, IT?” Emma was screaming down her own hallway that she had gone down by herself. “I must find you and free you from IT!”
Before going even halfway down the hallway, Emma yelled, “HERE SHE IS! I FOUND HER!” At that, the random kids came down that hallway too and started mobbing Tomorrow. “MEET YOUR VENGEANCE, LILY!”
“Nobody’s called me Lily in over five years! AAAAAHHHH!”

Before Tim woke up, all he was experiencing was darkness and silence.
After he woke up, he saw a gigantic mob of children attacking Tomorrow, who happened to be right beside him.

“That’s enough!” Emma yelled again as the mob began to subside. “Get into the side room! I have found IT!” The mob began to slowly move into the side room with Emma, leaving Tomorrow alone. She now had a bunch of scratches all over her face.
In the room was IT. “What is IT?” you readers are probably asking. And the answer is Algeria in a diamond. There. You now know what IT is.

If this is supposed to be a climax, then this is the most anticlimatic thing I have ever written.

Emma reached for the nearest microphone that was plugged into the loudspeaker and said as calmly as possible into it, “Um,” and Emma looked at the hastily scribbled note on her right palm, “will Abbey, Timothy, Yasmin, Luna, Lady in a Shower Cap (whoever that is) and the rest of the random children from the bus please come to room 29-3B? Thank you and enjoy your flight on the Looney Express.” She put the microphone down and sat on IT.

Why are microphones just lying around? Why is this place so unorganized and careless? Why, G? Why did you have to subject us to this?

Within a couple of minutes, everybody that Emma had called for was fighting to open the door.

A couple of minutes and a very heavy moment of anger between Timothy and Emma later, everybody was trying to find ways to break Algeria out from IT.
Well, they were, until Emma heard a voice in her head that was saying Oh my gosh Oh my gosh actual people!!! and then Emma started freaking out and banging her head on the wall. Everyone else was looking at Emma like she was insane.

I mean, Emma is kind of veritably insane. I think we’ve established that already, G.

“So,” Emma started after she had gotten over her daily moment of insanity, “what we need to do is break Mriri from the diamond.”
“MRIRI?” Abbey yelled. “Who do you think you are-”
“I think I am Emma,” Emma replied. Abbey slapped herself in the face.

Actually, I think Abbey would be confused as to why Emma was using a different name to refer to Algeria, not exasperated.

“We have two options. We can either find a furnace and push IT into it, or we can get a huge nail or something and let it fall on IT.”
“This looks dangerous, Emma.”

“Why did you abandon me on the bus?!” That was Luna, whining about the past week.
“Because you were being a major pain in the butt.”

So they did know where Luna was? I thought Emma said that she didn’t know and didn’t care. I guess that would explain her nonchalance…

3 hours later, everybody that Emma had called to the side room had brought in a gigantic nail attached to a 200 pound weight. It was very slow getting it in, and it was also very slow hoisting it up so that it hung from a single rope tied to a rafter in the ceiling.

I thought Emma was a wimp?

“So who’s ready to do this thing?” Emma said as she climbed up the rope holding the nail up.
“I’m not,” Yasmin yelled up to Emma. “You forgot to throw the safety goggles down to us.”
“Oh, yeah, that’s right,” Emma yelled down to everyone else as she tipped a cardboard box upside down and made it rain safety goggles on them. “Put them on now! Or my farting cousin Mallory will come for you when you are sleeping tonight!”

Where did these come from? Where dis any of this come from? Does Soona Bris just leave all these materials lying around? Why, G? Why?

“I don’t believe you,” Tim yelled up to Emma.
“I never said you had to, now did I? Stand back from IT! LET ER’ RIP!”
And that was when Emma took a jackknife from her pocket (who knows where she got that) and stabbed the rope 72 times.

Isn’t a sawing motion more effective? Stabbing it 72 times seems a bit excessive.

There was a moment of tranquility, a moment where there appeared to be nothing but a gigantic nail falling through the air, and then in the next moment there was an almost-deafening CRASH and shards of diamond flying through the air like pretty swords that somebody was chucking.

And then Algeria was dead. The end.

Nope, there’s still one chapter left.


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