from the OTHER archives: Socks, Part 4, Chapters 28-30

Hello there, readers from the future! I really haven’t had the motivation to write more of these recently. See, it’s November 2nd, and my family is moving quite a long way aways from where i currently live. I wrote a post earlier about this, but seeing as my comment manager has been screwy recently, I don’t want to link it and have the pingback clutter up my email, so I’ll just let it be.

And now for the news.

“So let’s see what Emma brought on the bus. She brought a wrench, a frying pan, a wooden sword, and a bandanna.” Luna was trying to run a meeting near an abandoned junkyard in Soona Bris.

All of these things can be found in her house. Being that Emma, from what we’ve seen of her, is a wimp, I’m really not surprised.

“Let’s see what Yasmin brought. She brought the bus, a golden dagger, a gigantic plastic hammer, and a busload of kids who were on the bus when she hijacked it.” Emma was trying to take over the meeting.

Is this parallelism? Because it feels stilted… but stilts are supposed to be parallel. Good play. You win this time.

“Let’s see what Luna brought. Looks like she only brought herself and her bossiness.” Yasmin was trying to avert the meeting so that she could start up the bus and get started on their rescue mission.

Maybe Yasmin’s onto something. Maybe she realizes how off Luna’s behavior seems for a five-year-old. Or was she seven? I could never remember when reading this. That’s how badly you’ve characterized her, G.

“Hey! Who says I’m bossy?”
“I ‘says’ you’re bossy. Now get your butt to a back seat so we can get started saving your fairy friend.” Yasmin rudely gestured to the back of the bus while yelling at Luna. “Or Emma will hit you with her frying pan of doom.”
“That is not a frying pan of doom! It’s just a normal frying pan! And who says she’s going to hit me with it?”

“Excuse me,” Emma spoke up, “but I’m pretty sure that the inscription on the bottom of this frying pan says ‘frying pan of doom’ in big silver cursive letters. NOW GET TO THE BACK OF THE BUS! OR I WILL HIT YOU!”

That must have cost a lot to engrave. Where did Emma get the money from?

Luna sulkily moved herself to the back of the bus, all the while muttering something about explosions.
“Now what?” Emma yelled as the kids on the bus started making random chaos.
“I say we get started before something blows up!”

“He’s done!” a random freak with only shorts on started shouting down the hall. “He’s finally done! It took a whole week but he’s done and-”

If the surgery took that long, how did they possibly keep the area sterile for the entire time? Why would you allow the surgeons that much time without sleep? And if you changed them out, G, how did you ensure that they didn’t bring in outside contaminants that would have endangered Tim’s health?

“WHAT?” Tomorrow shrieked as she burst out of the bathroom, the door slamming behind her. “Are you serious? You better not be joking or else I’ll have you decommissioned in five seconds!”
“I’m not joking! Want to see him?”
“What do you think?”

I think that I want today to end. But then again, I would miss out on a few hours that could be used to pack up more of my Legos and stuff that I barely use anymore.

They turned around and navigated through what felt like a million hallways before coming to the room where Tim had been kept for the past week. All of the windows to the room had been blocked and the door was locked, (no rhyme intended) so the two had to wait outside the room for a couple of minutes while another random freak unlocked the 27 deadbolts on the door.

That’s not a lot of sterilization. I’m disappointed in you.

When Tomorrow stepped into the room, it took her a second for her eyes to adjust to the dim light that was there for no discernable reason.
“Is there a reason it’s super humid in here and you have a blanket over him?”

Because we are practicing malpractice and simultaneously doing a horrible and a great job at it.

“Well, when we were putting the brain lesions in, the freak who was doing it-” at that point The Lady in a Shower Cap pointed to a hairy mess whimpering in the corner- “slipped. It (for most freaks are ‘it’) must have screwed up something important, because just when we were finishing up, his core temperature began to drop dangerously fast. We decided to turn up the thermostat and put a blanket over him.”

That… that’s not how medicine works… that’s not how any of this works! How is Tim not dead?!

“Is that also the reason why he’s napping? I thought that when I came in here, he would be awake so I could show him something.”
“Well, I guess I could wake him up-”
“No, let me do it. You guys all get out of here.”

Well, I suppose it would be harder to convict Tomorrow for murder if there were no witnesses.

When all the freaks had left, Tomorrow stood beside the operating table and hesitated a moment before undoing the straps and throwing the blanket aside. Being careful not to dislocate his shoulder joints, she grabbed his wrists and started dragging him down the hall.

I really shouldn’t have expected anything different. This book stopped being medically accurate a long time ago.

“For the fifth time, stop singing that horrifying song, Emma!”
Yasmin, Emma, Luna, and a bunch of random kids were in the bus on the way to the Laboratory of Soona Bris where they were planning to do a rescue mission and get just about everybody they cared about out of there.

Alright, Emma, which horrid pop song did you get stuck in your head this time?

“Why? I like that song! It’s not my fault it’s stuck in my head!”
Luna came up to the front of the bus, sometimes losing her balance when the bus hit a larger-than-normal bump. When she was at the front, she whispered into Emma’s ear, which caused Emma to take the microphone from the front of the bus and start yelling out an announcement.

An announcement that the book is over? I would welcome that with open arms. (Speaking of that, the second draft of TWLF is done! I’m going to go over The Samhain Files again before moving onto editing its sequel, though.)

“I’m pretty sure your yelling is not helping me drive!” Yasmin interrupted.

That’s not a very good shitpost. Try again. 0/10 danks.

That caused the bus to go into chaos.
“MYTHICAL TORNADOES ARE- oh, wait, it’s gone.”
“Pooh-pooh for you. Now be quiet so I can drive!”

I have a driving test soon. Maybe then I can drive far away from this book.


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