Harambe wouldn’t have treated me like this

So it’s happened. America, you elected an Oompaloompa with a loud mouth to be president and let the only available alternative be a spazzing impulsive liar with a history of flip-flopping. A school a few of my friends go to recently had its bathrooms defaced with racial slurs by an idiot with an affinity for abusing white-out. My family is currently going through the biggest change of most of our lives. By my usual standards, the apocalypse is here with a chainsaw in hand, and it’s not bothering with the doorbell.

And yet, the vast majority of us are still breathing. A meteor hasn’t hit Earth. I still haven’t had my right to get married revoked yet. The vast majority of the damage, if any has even occurred yet, is still reversible.

I try my hardest to keep my blog politics-free. While I certainly have some very controversial opinions, in the current affair of things, it would not be safe for my beginning career for me to express them- unless I were to write them eloquently enough to not be immediately misunderstood, which I do not currently have the skills to do. Besides, I’d rather be an oasis of peace in a maelstrom of hatred. I think I’m going to stay writing poetry and short stories for a long time.

MayVaneDay readers, you do not have to love your neighbors, but I ask that you at least respect their right to exist. You may not like their beliefs, but they probably don’t like yours either. There isn’t much one can do about that other than move on.

If we survive, I’ll see you all in Wychester.


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