Yeah, yeah, I’m still editing The White Line Fever. My brain just doesn’t function all that well at three in the morning, you know? Since that’s the only time I have free time on school days anymore.

alia tago en paradizo

I love it when your eyes
are lost in the city lights
but I like it better when you’re sleeping
because then you don’t bother me
romance is dead, indeed

just another day in paradise
where sagging pants are unintentional
and the days pass by quickly
but not like sand through my fingers

I was never a morning person
but now I have no time to lose
maybe cookies falling aren’t the best use of my time
but boy, they give me peace
that you could never replicate

I don’t even know who I’m writing this to anymore
I know the name, but not the person behind the name
you’ve all changed so much
don’t wait for me after school

ĉiufoje, ĉie


you called me crying at three in the morning
because I said that I was moving
and I wouldn’t be giving you my new number
if I got one

but you have to understand
that what we had is rotten in the ground
this is a new start- turning over a new leaf
the soil’s freshly toiled, the chaff’s blown away

I let you have all these nice things in life
your vapid celebrities, your cushy life
so let me have a nice thing too
albeit without you

maybe you can pretend that I’m some famous person
on the tail end of a fling with a fan
wrap your arms around me, sobbing at the airport
maybe I’ll write a song about you

from the other side of the fence


send my regards to the students
abandoned in the old and rotting place
a flower has been uprooted
and planted in more ancient soil

the ground will be overturned when summer comes
the stones are crumbling more and more every day
but for now, they will suffice
staying in nice latticed walls

this is the first time in a long while
that I’ve felt excited to visit the garden
except for the initial hour
there are snarls desperately in need of untangling

hoe, don’t do it
unless you have enough force
this is a new beginning for all of us
make it a good one

floating somewhere

maybe the reason I write so much about love
is it’s one of the emotions I seem to be missing out on
and maybe if I keep thinking about it
it’ll magically come to me

we had an argument at midnight
about the lack of love between us
through it all, just remember
you’re the one who chose to come back to me

sometimes I suffer a wave of regrets
advancing on me like a tsunami
maybe there was something I could have done differently
but when faced with that, would I have taken the other road?

I don’t think I would have
because then it wouldn’t be me sitting before you
but someone else- maybe not all that different
the multiverse lies somewhere