kancero (factory of basement dwellers)


I feel like I need to take a shower
after strolling through the land of six-year-olds
who know nothing of maturity or etiquette
getting off on the kill

what a horrid way to waste away someone’s childhood
making falsities of friends as brittle as the wind
you’all never hear their voice again
yet you persist with their company

why? why do you do these things?
does the kill exhilarate you somehow?
virtual points stored on devices far away
wiped away with the next deluge and forgotten forever

they say that nothing on the internet is ever really deleted
but that doesn’t hold here in this wasteland
none of this will come to any fruition
the idiocy of the babes continues

(and if you think that mass flagging campaigns are the way to go
when you’ve been a rude prick and know it and have lost an argument
then I have no pity or sympathy for you)


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