from the OTHER archives: Socks, Part 4, Prologue-Chapter 1

So I guess I’m back at it again as a ghost who still can’t believe that G didn’t give up on writing after the lalapalooza of pain that was Part 3. Oh well… I guess that means we’re on a home streak now! Only 36 chapters to get through this time!

“Sadfar, really?” the Director asked, shaking her head. “Are these really the only 3 girls that could destroy Mae? I thought that they worked best by themselves!”

I have a feeling that we already know who the three girls are. You know what they say… you introduce a gun on a mantel in Act 1, it goes off in Act 3.

At least, that’s how I think it goes. I have the feeling that I used it wrong.

“Oh, Mr. Director,” she snapped, “it’s PRINCESS Sadfar. And, yes, I do think these are the ones.” She stopped to toss her long hair behind her. “I suspect that they will get along fine. The little one might get a little feisty with the fairy, though.”

The only feisty person here is you. Rave is a puny little doll who got obliterated in the sock puppet kidnapping thing. Unless you’re planning to join them…

“Subject 3 is only 47% fairy,” the Director replied. “Not even half fairy.”
“Whatever,” Sadfar shot back, giving the Director a look that could kill. “You summoned me in my bedclothes. Don’t talk back to me. Go away.”
The Director left Sadfar’s room, leaving the wallscreen displaying a picture of a girl with short black hair. The picture was captioned SUBJECT 1.

If he left your room, Sadfar, then you summoned him. You have no right to yell at him then. He was just trying to do his job.

It was a picture of Rave, that Princess Sadfar knew. Rave the living doll, the doll that had saved her owner from the nefarious Socks and their red eyed squirrels. The doll that had somehow mysteriously become a human.

I thought Rave was dead? You didn’t do a very good job of clarifying that, G.

She flicked the wallscreen, and the next picture was that of a woman. She was good looking, and she looked at the camera with wisdom.
That was Riki, the miracle girl who had survived one of history’s riskiest operations. It had basically stripped out half of her genetic material, leaving her only 7% dragon instead of half. Her father had been a dragon, and her mother a human. Riki had stopped the horrible Battle of the Moon.

The battle that was possible even without air because reasons.

The next picture was Algeria. She was 13, with a light scar running from her forehead down her right cheek. Her eyes were light blue, and she had a smile that made you want to do whatever she said.

I think it’s more like her using her telepathy to mentally torture you, which is almost always what she wants.

Sadfar had special interest in Algeria because she was Mae’s younger sister.

Why do you expect her to kill her own sister, Sadfar? If I recall correctly, you came from a dream in which you woke up in the enemy goblin country and assimilated quite nicely. Surely you would know the anguish of having to kill your own people.

Sadfar wiped her forehead with the sleeve of her nightgown because she was feeling a little greasy. Time for a shower, she thought. First one in weeks since I started this mission.

Okay, that’s pushing neckbeard basement dweller levels of filth.

She turned off the wallscreen and plopped into her four-poster bed. This could wait until tomorrow.
Tomorrow, Sadfar thought. She flipped on the wallscreen again and found the picture of the girl who had tried to kill Algeria twice, and failed twice. That girl looks creepy.

I’m pretty sure your four-poster bed doesn’t want to be exposed to your crusty face, Sadfar. Go take a shower.

She watched footage of the fight in the stadium in Soona Bris and Sadfar swore she felt her heart stop when she saw the streak of purple blood spill and Algeria fall from the sky.

Again, G, Algeria’s blood is red. Don’t make me go into a diatribe about the Mandela effect here. Please don’t.

The concrete slab that they called a bed was stone-cold. I tried to sleep on it, but it was only until the middle of the night that my body actually considered going to sleep.

Chapter 1 has just barely begun, and I’ve already rekindled my burning hate for Algeria.

Riki was on the bed above me, sleeping like a rock. Her long, dark hair draped over the side of the bed.

That doesn’t sound good for her neck.

There was another girl, this one a couple of years younger than me. She looked sort of like what Tomorrow looked like before she made the people at the Lab of Soona Bris turn her into a creepy killing machine. Minus the machine part. (I was being metaphorical.)

That was a piss-poor metaphor, compounded by the fact that it’s not even a metaphor. Get your writing vocabulary in check. Yours was supposed to be large, remember?

In other words, she also had the short black hair and determined look. Whatever. She was sleeping, and an angry look was on her face. Who knew what she was dreaming.

You could have just told us that.

I was just about to slip off into the world of sleeping when the lady in the blue nightgown stepped into the room. “I need all three of you for something.”

That reminds me- why are you in the room, Algeria? Did you get arrested? If so, then why is a scantily clad girl waking you up in the middle of the night? At least send a guard.

I looked her in the eye without getting up and simply said, “The others are asleep. I was almost until you barged in so rudely.”

If your grammar wasn’t off, I would have given you a 5/10 for that “clapback”.

She gave me a look that could slowly and surely kill.

Please do.

The girl in the blue nightgown crossed her arms and intoned, “You do not talk to me that way. I am providing free shelter to you and I can relinquish that just as easily.”

I got up and pointed my pointer finger at her chest.

“You do realize that I can fend for myself? And I can do it without a horde of servants like you need to. Before I got sucked into all of your whirly dark stuff, I survived for four years with only one person helping me.”

Relax. You’ve only known her for a few minutes, Algeria.

She gave me the look again and commanded me to wake everybody up. “We need to leave now.”
“You wake them up if this is so important.”

Why do you all need to leave in the middle of the night?

She gave me the look yet again and shouted in a piercing voice, “RAVE! RIKELLA! WAKE YOUR REAR ENDS UP AND GET A MOVE ON!”

It’s okay, Sadfar. You can say “asses”. We won’t judge you.

Riki was the first one to stir from the voice. “You know you could just have called me Riki. The only people who use my full first name are royal megalomaniacs whose names start with the letter s.”

That’s a big word for such an uneducated adult. Although she might have gotten an education somehow in Antarctica. I wouldn’t know.

It was now Riki’s turn to get the look from the girl in the blue nightgown. “I am not a megalomaniac, Rikella. But my name does start with the letter s. Thank you for acknowledging.”
Hey, that’s something Emma would say! Quit stealing her lines, delusional princess in a blue nightgown!

“You stink.” That was all Rave said as she pulled herself off of the bed and stumbled towards the princess in the blue nightgown.
“Hybrids stink.” That was all Rave would say to Riki and me.
“Princesses stink.” That was to the princess who had woken us up in the middle of the night.
She also thinks you stink, dear reader, but don’t listen to her. Rave is slightly delusional too.

I think I’m going to stop now to preserve the few brain cells that I have left.


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