from the OTHER archives: Socks, Part 3, Chapter 46

Here it is, friends, family, and fellow readers and writers: the last chapter of Socks, Part 3. I’m sure that we’re all prepared to let this important milestone in all of our lives pass us by, so let’s get started and see what fresh crap Algeria has for us today!

When I open my eyes, everything was in crystal clear wonder. Shards of light penetrated the water around me and somehow I knew that I was not in Oblivion anymore.

So it seems that we are now in present tense. What’s the reason for the change, Algeria? Did you think that this was the end of the book and you’re winding down?

Somehow I was breathing underwater. I didn’t know I could. The water tickled my lungs, but at the same time satisfied every need I had to breathe.

What’s the next superpower that you’re going to develop? Fly- no, wait, you’ve already got that. Shap- nope, covered a few chapters back. Invisibility? Probably coming soon. I can’t say that I remember.

Tim was here, but he was above water, looking down at me.

I’ve heard of a lot of kinky stuff in my lifetime, but this just takes things to a whole new level. I’ll spare you the lewd jokes.

Although how do you deal with water pollution?

Out of nowhere, a voice said, I knew you were special the first time I saw you.
I thought back. Who is this?

My name is Riki, the voice said. I need you.
For what?

“We need a means by which to continue this crappy YA series. I mean, it’s not like there’s a mentally deranged teenager who fancies herself a dictator on the loose. And we also totally don’t have an army at our disposal. No, what we need is a both mentally and physically weak teenager to save our world.”

Our world is in danger, the voice named Riki said. There is a threat.

Within your own family.

This would be less confusing if there were tags showing who was thinking what.

What family? The only family I have is Abbey. Are you saying that she’s gone bad or something?

Abbey took eight years in order to steal you away from the Laboratory. It was eight, right? Surely she could have slipped a baby away long before that. I smell neglect.

No, Riki said or thought or whatever. You have a sister. And she is the problem. Come find me now. I am looking down at you.

You know, now that I think of it, a handful of chapters ago we were all concerned about how Algeria was supposedly coming to her end. You know, similar to Riki where the hybrid would have to be taken out of her to keep her from unraveling at the genetic level. Well, since Algeria is alive now, this operation must have happened to her… which means that she must now be a normal human. In that case, how is she breathing underwater? And has telepathy intact? I sense a continuity issue.

I have a SISTER?

You heard her right. There is yet another character to be added to this lalapalooza.

I looked up and I saw a woman looking down at me. We need to go now if we have any chance of reaching them in time.

Who is “them”? Is your sister nonbinary? If so, why are you referring to them as “sister”? I sense a lawsuit ahead by a butthurt reader.

Where are we going?
The Castle of Dark Thoughts.

I rose up out of the water and we disappeared among the sunlight.

I guess we’ll just take the advice of one of the t-shirts that my orchestra teacher is trying to sell to the class: always leave on a high note. I think I’m going to go cry in a hole for a week to clear up my mind and then get started on Part 4. Adios!


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