from the OTHER archives: Socks, Part 3, Chapter 45

We’re almost at the end of the tunnel for Part 3: only this chapter and the next until we can see what new adventures Algeria’s up to. Although, judging from the previous chapter, my suffering might already be done.

Just kidding- my suffering is never done.

I was in the middle of a blizzard. My body felt as light as the snow whipping around me and I started to float around. I felt helpless to do anything except watch what was going around me.
What was going on?
Why was I here?

It was coming down cold and fast. Emma and Luna huddled in the cave, trying to regain some warmth.
“Can’t you do anything about the weather?” Luna asked Emma.

Does she look like a weather machine? Besides, where are you two, anyways? Antarctica?

“While I’m dreaming, which I obviously can, I only have certain powers in Dreamland,” Emma replied. “I don’t necessarily have any control over them. Besides, we’re in Oblivion, not Dreamland. I can’t do anything like that here.” Luna huffed. “How are we going to get to her if we can’t see her?”

Burn the page breaks to create some warmth. We know you weren’t going to use them anyways.

“Step out of the cave,” Luna snapped, shuffling towards the entrance to the cave. Emma soon followed.

That cave’s not going to be very warm when you come back.

They were looking out into the blizzard when out of the middle of nowhere Emma pointed to somewhere in the distance and exclaimed, “She’s there! I see her!” Emma started towards the thing in the distance  that Luna could not see. She followed Emma anyway.

Actually, burn the commas as well.

I had just completed one full circle of agony

How To End Suffering

when I heard shouts of “She’s there! I see her!”. I turned towards the noise and I saw Emma sprinting toward me like I was an oasis in the desert or something like that. She came up short, though, and when she was ten feet away she just stood slack-jawed, staring at me like I was testament to something horrible.

“You were supposed to be the chosen one! You had so much potential to be a brilliant book series- the next Harry Potter, even- and instead you decided to squander it all. I’m ashamed of you.”

Hey, I was! I was testament to the horribleness that is Tomorrow and her private army of freaks!

You are a testament to the horribleness of unbridled internet access given to immature little girls.

When Emma was about ten feet away from Algeria, she had to stop and take in what had changed since she had last seen her.
Emma took in a sharp breath as she realized that her creepy dreams that she had been having the last few weeks had come true.
Algeria did not look like how Emma remembered she did. She had been changed, made ‘perfect’.

Words surfaced in Emma’s mind from a book she had read before. Her thoughts did that sometimes, picking a book excerpt whenever she couldn’t find words herself. Obviously, Algeria’s slightly new-and-different features were quite the icy shock.

Finally, the book admits it.

It didn’t help that that was how the weather was like at that moment.

Emma was here.
I could barely hide my elation as Emma got over her shock or whatever and hugged me as tightly as she could.

I’m sure that’s classified as assault somewhere in the world.

“I knew you would come back,” she screamed over the storm. “Luna and I came to find you and bring you back from Oblivion! You hear that? OBLIVION! One of the worst places in my whole mind!”

“How do we get back?” She screamed at Luna, who was now holding on tightly to her in the strong wind. She had to wait a minute before Luna screamed back, “Just hold on to each other!”

My jimmies are only slightly rustled. You’re going to have to try harder than that.

The wind built up around us to the point where if one of us had let go the storm would have shot us straight up and we would have cracked the top of Oblivion’s sky.
The world blinked out in an instant.

Somehow I doubt that’s how wind works… but what do I know, I’m just a biology student.

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