from the OTHER archives: Socks, Part 3, Chapters 39-40

This is it… I can see the light at the end of the tunnel from here. We are nearing the end of Part3, and I can already tell that Part 4 is going to be even worse. Hey, I can see my house from here! Wait- I was a character in this. Of course I can see my house.

I opened my eyes for the first time in what felt like weeks, taking a deep breath as I did it.

This is like the reverse of the “I let out a breath I didn’t know I was holding” cliche in young adult fiction. Good job, G. You were Original™!

Light from the ceiling lights flooded my eyes and I had to close them for a second to let them adjust to the light. I was strong again, and I sat up as fast as part-humanly possible.

Do you think I would get banned form WordPress if I just filled half of this post with staring gifs? What if they were all of different people?

You know what, never mind. That would get boring quickly.

“Who are YOU?” I asked the scientist guy in an accusing voice.

Or you could just use the word “accused”.

“Who are you?” the guy asked. “Your scans are very unique. I would like to know whose they are.”

Maybe add the word “inquisitively”? There are several ways he could have asked that question.

“I’m a person. I’ll repeat the question: who are you?”
“A scientist. Who are you?”
Don’t you just hate it when somebody turns your logic against you?

I really don’t feel like being banned today. Not with the amount of time and work I’ve put into this blog.

I sighed and shook my head.
“You really want to know who I am?” Fine. I’ll tell you. You stinking pseudoscientists of Soona Bris

call me Subject 3. I named myself Algeria.” I slid out of the bed and stood menacingly over the man. “I used to be one of your experiments until 5 years ago when this lady named Abbey saved me from the stinking cesspool of evil that is the Laboratory.”

Well, then, good for you. But how do you know that he’s affiliated with them? He could be rogue…

He looked at me with a face full of surprise. “You forget that the reason we chose you to be hybridized was that otherwise you would have died with your mother,” he said. “That and we wanted to see if we could create a-“

A whiny little teenager who would bring anguish to exactly seven people, showing the failure of the series.

But it was a good learning experience.

“A what?”
“A technobiological living organism that was superior to any person alive today.”

Well, that certainly won’t become fodder for a superiority complex.

“Yeah, yeah,” I said, waving my free arm to dismiss him. “I saw the wires. Blah, blah, blah.”
He slowly stood up and I sat back down on the bed. “You’re the girl that Tomorrow tried to kill. You lived.” He started to tremble and to pull out what looked like an injector, rubbing something on his belt in the process.

Is… is he being aroused by a hybrid? What kind of adult content nightmare have I stumbled onto? What kind of repressed emotions are you hiding, G?

“If I am correct,” he said, “you still have lesions on your brain that we put there. You did a great job of rewiring yourself, but not good enough to avoid this.” Suddenly, the same feeling of giving in that I felt right after the operation came back, but not without my trying to fight it.

I have the feeling that you stole this from another book, G.

It didn’t work very well, and I let myself be injected with something relaxing that let me drift into oblivion.

If I were in this universe, I would want to be knocked out as well. And what happened to all those wounds you suffered? Surely without a blood flow, the cells wouldn’t have gotten the nutrients to survive, let alone heal themselves…

She’s out cold, the man thought, watching the girl slowly slump back into the bed. Her face was etched with the scars from the fight, some of them reduced to pink lines but most of them still trying to heal. To the man, the scars made her look like somebody who had either gone through a blender or intense suffering.

$200 to the person who picks the correct answer first.

Tomorrow quickly descended the steps afterwards, and said to the guy, “Well done. I can’t wait to bring her where we’re going. Let me see her scans.”
He boarded a helicopter soon after that, bringing Algeria’s still-unconscious body with them. Tomorrow said that she would meet them in a week.

Why a week? Why wait? The pacing of this book is already atrocious.

Over the next few days, she never quite woke up. She would stir sometimes, realizing from the sound of the blades outside that she was going somewhere in a chopper and that she was strapped to the ground, but mostly her mind floated free of her body.

Okay, you stole this quote word for word from an actual copyrighted book. Give it back, G. You’re not deep.

“Who are you?” Emma asked Luna, still looking like she’d seen a ghost. “I’m pretty sure that I don’t know anybody that looks like you.”
“Then do you know a girl named Algeria? About as tall as you, pink and purple wings, blonde hair…”

“Superiority complex…”

“Yeah, I do. None of your business! Gosh. Now go away, hallucination.” Emma turned for the bed.
“Wait!” Luna yelled, pulling Emma away. “She needs you. Desperately. She could die because you don’t want to help her.”

“Let her fix her own problems. I have my own identity crises to fix. Plus, I’m a seventh-grader. Why aren’t you getting the police? Or at least an adult? They have far more intelligence and power than I do right now.”

That got Emma’s attention. “Die? You didn’t tell me that she could die.”
Luna bit her lip. “I believe I just did.”
“Well, how would I help you?”
“Go to sleep. Find me. I’ll tell you what’s next.”

Props to Luna for not telling Emma where to find her.

Tim was cornered by Tomorrow in a desolate part of the stadium.
“So you thought that you could HIDE her from me?” Tomorrow screamed in fury. She attempted a kick to Tim’s side but he blocked it, letting her pin him to the wall.

Well, there goes my headcanon of Tomorrow being secretly attracted to girls. No wonder she has so much anger pent-up inside.

“So what happened to scary-girl?” Tim taunted, blowing a raspberry as he easily slipped from her grasp and made for the other end of the stadium. “You may be sharp on the outside, but on the inside, not so much.”

“Not so much!?” Tomorrow shrieked as she caught up to Tim and pushed him to the ground. “For your information, I AM more developed than you. I can withstand more than you and your pithy little girlfriend can.” She gave him a freaky toothy grin, then pushed down on him again and took off into the rust-red sky to catch up with the helicopter.

I think I’m going to go sob into a pillow now. But do you hear that? That’s a million fangirls screaming in agony in the distance.

Relish the sound. There will be much worse suffering later.


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