from the OTHER archives: Socks, Part 3, Chapter 33

Alright, ladies and gentlemen! Step right up, come one, come all to the event we’ve all been waiting for! Will Tomorrow, our edgy young teenager, kill Algeria, the pathetic weakling that we’ve been following this entire book! This chapter might give us an ending or throw us for a loop! And don’t forget the cliffhangers!

The first thing I saw was Tomorrow, dropping down from a standstill above the tunnel to where I was. She had been augmented for killing. Tomorrow had sharp fingernails that came to a point. Her teeth had been filed down to a point so they were sharper and easier to cause biting wounds. The irises in her eyes had been turned black to allow for more light to pass through and therefore give her better night vision. Her face now had sharp, cruel angles that have her a feral look.

I can’t make this crap up. No matter how hard I can try or will ever try to be edgy, G will always be one step ahead of me.

“Like my new face, Algeria? Huh?” Tomorrow said, releasing me from the grip of the stretcher and cutting my duck tape off with a single swipe of her fingers.

No. It looks like it came straight from the uncanny valley. You remind me of one of those people who tried way too hard to shape their eyebrows.

Yeah, like that. Except a hundred times worse.

“I’m special, better than you.” She swiped my chest apace, causing me to stumble back in a twinge of pain. She swiped across my body as I tried to fend her off, but she still managed to cause lacerations that stung.

Good job, G. You failed so hard at making sure that your “advanced” use of language flowed naturally. I had to grab a dictionary because I forgot what “apace” meant. Here’s a tip: if you make your reader do that, then that breaks immersion and makes it harder for them to go back to reading.

It was just then when I started to fight back. I kicked her in the place that shall not be named, and she didn’t fall over and crumple on the ground like a normal person would. Hey, we weren’t normal people! But I know that if I was kicked there, I would cringe in pain. Oh, um, sorry for being suggestive, but, hey! This is a fight! Stuff like that happens.

You’re a female, you idiot. Kicking a vagina doesn’t result in the same amount of pain that kicking a dong does.

“Algeria, you’re never going to win,” Tomorrow said. “You might as well die trying.” But wasn’t that her reason for me being here- so that she could kill me? No offense, Tomorrow, but you don’t know what Abbey told me. I’m trusting her with my life.

Remember earlier, when I told you that you would see again just how fast I can fly away?

No, I actually don’t.

I jumped up and started making my way above the stadium. With a couple of powerful downstrokes, I was in a position so that if I looked down, I could see the entire stadium far below me.

That’s not aerodynamically possible judging from your previous flying.

Tomorrow noticed that I was escaping and after a couple of moments, she was facing me, about a yard away. “Getting away?” she snarled. “The fun’s just begun!”

The fun ended a long time ago, Tomorrow. Get with the game.

She took another swipe at my arm, adding new lacerations to the existing ones. She smirked and swiped again. I tried to get in a counterpunch but she blocked it again.

Algeria, how come it never crosses your mind that you can just fly out of the stadium? What’s stopping you?

I shook my head back to get my hair out of my range of sight, waiting for Tomorrow to get distracted. She didn’t. That’s when the adrenaline kicked in and-

Adrenaline only lasts for a few minutes and leaves you extremely tired afterwards. I don’t think you want to use that as a plot device… but, of course, adrenaline always has extremely exaggerated benefits and none of the drawbacks while in fiction. I should have known.

I swung my feet forward and powerfully pushed off of her now solidly built chest. She sped back for about a couple of yards, then caught her breath. She had fallen about 20 feet and was now coming back up with powerful downstrokes.

Algeria, I was already getting rainbow vibes, but you just had to hammer it home by kicking Tomorrow in the boobs, didn’t you? Where’s my hate pairing fanfics? I’m disappointed.

Turns out, now, when Tomorrow clamps her jaw and slightly lifts her chin like she’s concentrating on me, she really does look like a feral animal about to leap for the kill. She also looks, well, I don’t want to use swear words here. Let’s use furious and annoyed at the same time.

“Pissed off”. You’re allowed to say “pissed off”.

I went up a couple of feet, looking for a good place to kick her in the head really quickly,

Didn’t I already use the “well, that escalated quickly” gif?

but I never got to because from behind me Tomorrow punched me in the back dead center, then followed up with a good hard kick and a swipe across my wings at the same time. I fell forward through the air, desperately trying to get some lift with my wings, which now had huge shreds through them.

Maybe that’s why proper wings have actual bones, muscles, and feathers? Sure, more could go wrong, but if they suffer a little bit of damage, they aren’t rendered entirely useless…

Turns out that when your wings have been reduced to shreds, and Tomorrow is punching your gut like mad and you aren’t very good at defending yourself, you can’t really fly. If you are smart, you can infer that this has been happening to me and that I was falling through the air like a stone. Huh, there’s that phrase again! It’s come back to stalk me like a gremlin!

Then, just as I had reached the climax of this fight and my not-so-wellness of defense, Tomorrow took advantage of a weak spot in my defense and mustered all of her strength.

I thought this was Socks, not Super Smash Bros. Could you send me some virtual money, G? I need me some cartoon violence that isn’t Mariokart.

Just then, she threw a bone-shattering punch that sent shock waves all through my bones. I’m serious when I say that I felt some of them get pulverized. Other ones shattered. With all of that shattered bone in my system and all of the blood I’ve lost, I was immediately, basically, paralyzed.

That’s not biologically possible! A human punch cannot pack enough force to cause tremors that would pulverize bones! God, G, where’s your research?!

I fell through the air and began to plummet to sudden doom.
My face was to the sky, and I could see very plainly that Tomorrow was overjoyed at my demise. Well, she didn’t know this, but it would only be my near-demise.

From the height that I predict you’re falling from, you’re condemned to death upon impact. If a small fall from a balcony can kill a small child, falling from above a stadium to the ground will certainly splatter your organs all over the floor.

I smacked the ground with a thud! that took my breath away, literally. I remembered to first drag my broken self to the side before I began the process of stopping my heartbeat and simply not breathing.

And of course she survives. The torture continues.

It was just then when Tim ran out into the field and cradled my broken mess in his arms.
“Algeria! Maxi… come on! I can’t lose you!”

Tim was practically screaming to the skies. He buried his face in my bloody shoulder and sobbed like a little kid. He took my hand in his. “Come on! At least squeeze if you can still hear me!” I could only muster up the strength to give him the most pathetic of squeezes, but at least he could feel it. I felt like Romeo must have seeing Juliet dead. Or something like that.

Why is there so much apathy in your voice, Algeria? Don’t you care that your perfect little preppy boyfriend quite literally thinks you’re dead? Also, Timothy… why are you just cradling her there instead of rushing her to medical treatment?

That reaction only triggered more sobs from him, and soon Abbey was here.
“Come on, Algeria,” Abbey said, picking me up and cradling me in her arms. “I have to get you out of here.” I suddenly had the utmost desire to rest, so I closed my eyes and laid limp, like a dead person would.

Now that I think of it, who would voluntarily go to a stadium so that they could watch one teenager kill another in real life? Who is that sadistic and twisted?

“What are you doing with her?’ Tomorrow asked Abbey,

Those are some nice quotation marks ya got there, Tomorrow.

swiveling around so that she faced all three of us. “Oh. I get it. You’re sad about me killing Algeria, and you want to take the body and bury it.” She brushed her hair back and put an evil smirk on her face. “That’s fine with me.”

I thought that it was property of the laboratory? Don’t they need it for research purposes? Don’t they care at all about their most valued subject? Where’s the continuity, G?

Abbey took Tim and I (I was still in her arms, all bloody and scarred) to an underground room, where she cleaned up most of the blood off of me.

How come the people at the Laboratory don’t know this if Tomorrow is the one who commissioned the stadium? How far away is this stadium from the Laboratory, anyways? Where did all the people come from?

“Lay still, Algeria,” Abbey whispered to me. “I don’t know if there are cameras here, but if there are, I don’t want Tomorrow to know that you’re still alive.”

I’m sure that will be figured out in a few days when the body doesn’t start decaying.

After I was all cleaned up, Abbey grabbed the gauze and wrapped up all of my still-bleeding scars, which will admit, was basically most of my body.

How have you not died of blood loss yet, Algeria? You can’t possibly have that much in your body. And why didn’t Abbey use sterile materials?

She then found an empty hospital bed and laid me in it.

Where? Where did the hospital bed come from? How did Abbey find it? Where is this room relative to the stadium, anyways?

She turned down the lights and left, leaving me alone, by the brightly lit window, heart not beating and not daring to breathe.

Well, that’s totally and completely safe. I can’t possibly imagine Tomorrow finding the location and murdering Algeria in yet more gruesome ways worthy of Beyond Birthday. I’m going to go cry to my Team Kira friends now. Good day, my fellow plebeians.


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