nostalgia week, day 6

A million different stars twinkle above May as she rests her head on the soft grass that has grown around the house. Summer has brought with it many changes to the languishing farm and its inhabitants, but the most profound of all is the increase in sharpness that May’s eyesight has gained from spending drastically more time in nature. Her head feels clearer as well, as if the constant barrage of beeps and whistles of her technological world were a brainwashing aura designed to keep her awareness down.

A sleepy Halle stirs beside her, snow-white hair making a sweeping sound as it brushes against the grass. She is clothed in a simple tank top and jean shorts, although the passing of a few months will change her wardrobe to full jeans and a sweater. Halle doesn’t seem to disturbed about the impending change in weather, though.

“Halle?” May whispers, flickering her gaze to a different cluster of stars. “Do you think that aliens are real?”

“I doubt it,” Halle answers in a disinterested tone. She twirls a blade of grass between her fingers, envisioning herself making a squeaky duck noise with the blade and scaring off any wildlife lurking nearby. “I mean, sure, maybe in a galaxy far, far away from us. But anywhere that we could get to in a few generations worth of astronauts? Doubtful. They would have contacted us in some way already.”

“Maybe they already have, and we misinterpreted it.”


Halle flicks away the blade of grass and runs her right hand against the dandelion beside her. This year’s infestation of the yellow pseudoflowers has been considerably lighter than previous years. Her hair thanks her for not straining it with flower crowns, but her aesthetic-directed mind laments at a wasted opportunity.

Somewhere in the heavens above, May observes, a group of stars about the same size to her as her thumbnail simultaneously wink out. May bolts to her feet suddenly, trying to desperately locate it and convince herself that her eyesight just had a small fluke, but no- the cluster of stars has disappeared.

“May? What’s all the fuss about?”

“Halle! Did you see that?” May points up towards the patch of sky that the stars had just vacated. “All those-”

“Those what? Nothing happened.” Halle rolls over, burying her face in her arms. “Go to sleep.”


Defeated, May sits back down, her eyes still fixed on the ebony hole in the star cover.

Maybe there’s something going on at Zorphia? I haven’t been there for a long while, and since Constance’s death…

A shiver travels down May’s back, half caused by the night chill moving in- it is September, after all- and half by daring to entertain the thought that what she went through

Zorphia isn’t real, remember? Everything was a hallucination, a lie, an image made up in your mind while you wandered around aimlessly.

What if they were lying?

Her eyes flicker to another disappeared smattering of celestial bodies.

Maybe it was all real and I was just knocked out while Maxine and company dropped me in the middle of nowhere. I bet that these people aren’t even my real family- I bear no resemblance to Halle whatsoever. Or anybody else, for that matter.

But if that’s true, then what’s happening on Zorphia now?


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