todo los dias

(I won’t be in a place with wifi anytime today since I’m going to be staying the night at Girl Scout Camp, so have this poem instead. Thursday’s post will be posted tomorrow.)

Waiting under a forever blue sky
Among trees of green and yellow
I would say “wish you were here”
But there are no postcards for sale

A silver wire to soon be on my finger
A hasty proposal before a flag is taken down
“Are you mine?” the ancient question begs
“Or is this all a joke?”

Only purple is a unit here
Not pink, which has dissolved into the blue
Due to a lack of interest
And my shorts are gray
But they don’t have to be shorts
They can just be gray

Say hello to your new lover for me
For I’m sure that you’ve already found someone
And the lonely bleeding blue boy will continue wandering
Across these well-worn paths

The wedding tonight has been cancelled
One of the brides is going home sick
You have twelve hours to make up your mind
She loves me, she loves me not

She loves me not
And the petals fall to the floor
I shouldn’t have wished for so much
But the sham will continue
For the benefit of the little girls
Still dreaming, still hoping, still planning
Don’t crush their dreams


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