You can almost feel the evil seeping off of this child.
My unit was the one to put the flag up today. We practiced yesterday after we went swimming. I’m not in this picture; my shadow is, however.
The flag got tangled on the way up, but it wasn’t our fault. The flag’s always gotten tangled this year no matter who’s putting it up.
Today at the flat, a lawyer came in today and talked to us about copyright infringement. Much to my surprise, she never mentioned the fair use law or public domain.
Here, my unit is planning a parody of Finding Nemo called… wait for it… Finding Nema. We got stuck with scene thirteen, which I will describe later this week. I and my fellow older girls had to reenact this scene, but the girls will have to provide their own interpretation of the vague outline of the scene that was provided to the unit.
A reenactment of the fifteen chicken nuggets fiasco will not be provided, anyways… okay, on Friday for lunch we’re served leftovers; I’ll try to restrain myself. (This is not my plate, but I also ate a salad and several mini pizzas.)
At the lake, I also broke an ancient bench by sitting on it- a feat which I was at first stunned by and then was proud of for no good reason. It broke suddenly and without warning: one moment, I was putting my afternoon snack into my calorie counter, and the next, my butt was on the ground and I had attracted the attention of several of the campers who had just changed back into their regular camp clothes.
After swimming, my unit went to archery. I didn’t shoot anything with the exception of pictures, some of which I hope to get into the camp slideshow before the end of the week.
Image (176)
Swimming time is going to be extended tomorrow by half an hour since the heat index will be over 100. The Zorphs Train in the shallow end of the lake will surely be happy to take full advantage of those news even though, only after five minutes of tugging girls around on two noodles through the water, I’m completely exhausted.
Image (175)
Nope, I’m not in any of these units.

Image (174)


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