My many talents include
Telling a girl that I miss her
Or sending a cheesy pickup line
And then running the other direction
Waiting until morning to see the aftermath of what I’ve done

Dropping microphones seems like such an unpleasant way
Of accentuating a usually unpleasant argument
Surely you could be more poetic, more fluent, more precise, more forceful with your words
But instead you choose to unleash a whining sound over your audience
Alienating the ones who you wish to educate (and sometimes indoctrinate)

I never want to be famous
Just well-respected for the good work I’ve done
A golden throne in Hollywood just isn’t for me
But instead give me a pleasant apartment in a quiet city

Red carpets and flashing lights hurt my eyes
And screeching fangirls begging for autographs wrecks my ears
Blue ribbons made of silk are soft to my skin
And make better decorations on my wall
Than boxes from rehab and the hearing aid store

And all for what? Notoriety in the latest tabloid
Oh no, here goes Vane with a girl hanging off her shoulder
What a pity it’s not the other 20% of her romantic longings
Because then we could harass their biological children as well

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