luno sur mia ŝultro, parto kvar

Please kill me
I’m begging you, please
I don’t want to be here anymore
In the middle of nowhere and everywhere

Or a kidnapping could be nice
Romantically driving off into the sunset
There’s chaos in our wake, but we don’t particularly care
I’ve got a lover now

So let’s throw all my stuff into the back of your truck
And we’ll take off driving past all these accursed rural roads
Away from slobbering dogs and screaming children
Straight into paradise

Maybe I’ll find myself
Cast away at the side of the road like refuse
A city girl can’t survive here in the rough
Like the most beautiful of flowers dropped into Death Valley
One has to grow a second skin to survive

Maybe I’ll return here someday
But it’ll be of my own free will
Not from being dragged along by a father’s wishes
Family time that nobody asked for


One thought on “luno sur mia ŝultro, parto kvar

  1. About ten years ago or even yesterday I could have written this. It wouldn’t have been as good but it would have howled the same. You have a way of making universal truths translate naturally in your poetry and you know how to get to the meat of it – staggering

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