vi estas vere decepcionante

just because a girl’s pretty
doesn’t mean that she’s smart
there’s no indicator on her forehead
showing the fullness of her brain

you can fling your cigarettes all you want
into the glowing haze of the sun
and call it “aesthetic” and “art”
but it still doesn’t change the fact
that you’re slowly killing yourself

would you die for art?
blacken your lungs to the same shade as your soul
drag blues and greens across your fingers
and reds and oranges across your wrists

and I know what your blank balloons shout
in the dead silence of one in the morning
“these things happen”
whatever happened to self-control


blua, take two

babe, you’re so obnoxiously pink
that I might just explode from the sheer neon blur
are you a personified emotion?
because you never display anything other than love

there’s no heart on your sleeve
it’s straight on your chest
beating outside of your body
there for all to behold

I wonder how you came across me sometimes
pathetic bleeding little blue boy
writing words on a screen, hoping against home
that some stranger on the other side of the world will relate

your deity must know that I
have difficulty relating to others
maybe you could pray to it and ask for a favor
return my heart, please
it’s gone missing

blua, take one

how is it at the bottom of the swimming pool?
have you found the peace you’ve been seeking?
your friends send their regards
basking in the sun

be careful when in large bodies of water
thunderstorms can cause sudden death from electrocution
tornadoes are nature’s blenders
and bacteria loves an aquatic highway

your bed was left unmade this morning
your mother ran around the place, frantically calling
you left without a trace, without telling anybody
and now the neighborhood is in an uproar

at least your blue shirt is out of the wash
so that when you decide that you’re ready to return to us
you can be swathed in soft silk
returning queen reigning