ses kandeloj

Legend said that she was risen from the dead
And that there was a casket somewhere she should have been haunting
But no matter how many times she was removed from reality
Leaving a stain on the sheets in the shape of her heart
Almira kept coming back, waiting for more

Isabel knew that she shouldn’t have lit those six candles
Sitting in the dark in her room, praying fervently for love from anywhere
Child, did nobody tell you that falling for a demon would get you nowhere
Or were you absent that day in school?

Isabel once found someone she thought she loved
In elementary school, falling for the boy with the shaggy boy and the disdain for rules
But nobody informed her that you can lead a heart to the lake of love
But you can’t force it to drink

On the nights when Almira left Isabel cold
Waiting until three am for a caress that would never arrive
She thought that the emptiness was what she wanted
But she was still afraid that she’d come across as uncaring


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