kie ajn vi estas

somewhere on the other side of the world
you hold a little sliver of me in your chest
wedged in between the kisses of a thousand people
but it beats just the same

while here, back at home
it feels like a whole chunk of me is missing
and I hope you’re taking good care of it for me
since I’ll never see it again

or you again, for that matter

we met each other in a summer haze
not bothering to wait even twenty-four hours in between sightings
sandy beaches and mountain peaks all found on your face
that I studied for hours on end

you made me fall in love a little more every day
slowly edging up to the precipice of the cliff
until I fell with bloody knees to the ground
pleading, begging you to stay
but the airport called for you to move far away

wherever you are now
please know this: that you will always
be alive in my head and my heart


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