today was a bad day
and by “bad”, I don’t mean malevolent
there’s no omnipotent force stalking me around
and trashing up my day

there’s a leaky CPU chip in my grandma’s basement
where I’ve confined myself from shrieking children
my mind is fragile at the moment
and is close to no more tolerance left

I just might explode from sheer frustration
and you wouldn’t want that, would you?

but when the spirit is digital
and the fingers itching to spill words into the screen
it doesn’t help when your grandma’s antiquated computer
crashes every goddamn five minutes

heck, even dial-up pulled from the past
would be faster than this piece of trash
the old BlackBerry I used to own
was more stable and reliable than this hulk of metal
it didn’t disconnect from the WiFi every three minutes, at least

please excuse me, I’m merely frustrated
and maybe a dash of tired
it’s been an extremely long day, what with cleaning and all
I hope you don’t mind

(Just a side note: it’s about halfway through the LGBT pride month whatever that’s been happening on the parts of social media that I’ve been attempting to avoid. Personally, I don’t believe in celebrating characteristics that are supposed to be arbitrary- why have pride in something that was none of your choice? pride should be for things that you chose to do and succeeded in- but the overwhelming majority of profiles that I’ve stumbled upon do and would act very nastily to my refusal to celebrate my “otherness”. Therefore, until June is over, I will be putting both my Twitter and Instagram on private for my reputation and safety. Existing followers will not be affected and will continue to receive post notifications. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.)


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