en la mallumo

I am made out of the stars
cut out of galaxies like rare cloth
and sewn up with the love of two adults
with a sewing machine and a sharp needle

you were carved out of the mountains
fashioned by the most graceful hands
belonging to a sculptor
and commissioned by the king sleeping on his throne

your eyes light up every night
with the green of life violently blooming
and spill into my blonde hair
glowing with suburban life yearning for something better

the blue off of the mountains
fades into the peaceful night
rolls off of the mountains in tufts of mist
and parts when we voyage into the void

with my hand in yours
lead me into the dark
I won’t be scared with you by my side


6 thoughts on “en la mallumo

  1. It probably sounds trite or insincere to say this, but your work is EXQUISITE it really is. You are SUCH a good writer and I rarely think this because I’m a snob. Wow. Totally bowing to your talent here.

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