la tombejo, parto unu

standing in a graveyard, soaked in the rain
staring at my former lover, who buried me
with a rose in my hands
and a kiss full of pain

I will look at things that I don’t want to see
And what repulses me the most is him gawking at my soul
with his gloved hands twisted into a knot
and undoubtedly a lie on his parted lips

“Do you think that the universe fights for souls to be together?” he whispers
the rain continues falling, pooling at his feet
maybe he shouldn’t have worn that suit to the graveyard today
“Some things are too strange to be coincidences.”

“I have become the universe,” I snap back
shards of my voice piercing his chest cavity
“I have died and lost myself among the stars,
drifting among galaxies you could only ever dream of reaching.”


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