regnon de amara

little girl, little girl, tell me what you see
when you dip your head under the water
masquerading as a maiden of eighteen
with a wallet with more money than love inside a heart

“I spent my life learning to feel less,” she replies with a pout
and three young men hanging off of her shoulders
“I conquered the world while you stayed at home
and built an empire while you weeded your garden.”

she loved everything about the man in the middle
dark-haired and wide-eyed
the heaven residing in his eyes
and the hell in his hands

if only you saw yourself the way that your men see you
as a fragile vine of ivy with blue hair and hands
sweet like the first sip of a smoothie
and bitter like the last dregs of tea


One thought on “regnon de amara

  1. Obsessed with water imagery and you’re a queen of images and water these are SUCH powerful poems on that subject I’m in awe. Well done! Beautiful work!

    Liked by 1 person

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