la ĝardenisto, parto kvar

I guess some kids are just born
with tragedy flowing through their veins
for there’s a child of not yet seventeen
embedded in the pot where I sprouted from

“It will be okay, channeling. There is no need to panic here.
In just a few hours, you’ll feel the sensation of your veins weighing down
breaking through the skin and bleeding like a Polaroid
and then you’ll wilt and shrivel up.

But not all hope is lost- no, for death gives way to life
and gentle leaves poking through the branches of your skin
will be your first sight and breath of life again
after you’ve become one of us.”

no legs are necessary for bending through life
with your chest secured against a wooden dowel
and given a coat of chemicals to ward off insects
chewing through your skin and brittle bones


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