foiling, foreshadowing, what’s the difference?


rules are rules and made to be broken
and boy, did we break a ton of rules that day
with my hiding in pillows and your laughing in sheets
although in mockery and someone else’s pain

the date is forever ingrained in my memory
the eleventh of August, two thousand and thirteen
still coming into our own with no clue or a plan
of the people that we would soon turn out to be.

with your delicate stare and my wide-eyed gaze
in the backyard with an army of s’mores to be overcome
flames flicker in the background track of our minds
and become the soundtrack to favorite worst nightmares

chocolate waffles attempt to avenge the night’s sweets
but fail miserably at the gate of a thousand toothy pillars
restrained with metal adorned like a sword
and devoted to sneers and pompous self-righteous campaigns


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