…it leaves devastation in its wake

the first thing that Miranda’s mind notices upon waking
is the snow outside his bedroom window
moved between the surgery suites by Anders and Giles, he assumes
although there’s no way for him to be sure

“Good morning, beautiful,” Anders whispers upon noting that Miranda has awoken
with day clothes under his arm and a faint smile on his face
no doubt reminiscing upon the events of the night before
with the clouds rolling in and weeping for a forfeiture

but the sun-covers now do not betray a single hint to Miranda
as to what he has finally conceded to discard
and straining his brain threatens to make him wretch in pain again
so he gets up and gets dressed as he usually does

is it pain? is it love? is it lust? is it toast?
what filled the chasm running through his memories?
who is the girl who whispered sweet nothings
while he unwillingly perched on a toilet seat?


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