beating still

Anders sank into the worn armchair facing the fireplace, blazing with simulated flames as outside was starting to thaw out with typical spring wetness and making the whole building feel like the dog days of summer wasn’t on his list of things to do today. “Giles, please go get Argentina. She should be much more docile this time around.”
“Yes, Master Shew.” Giles departed from the suite and returned five minutes later with one melancholy Argentina, presenting herself with none of the bravado that she’d so fiercely displayed on their last encounter. Her locks of black hair drooped from her head, almost like they were as devoid of rage as their owner was, but it was more of an emptiness than an actual sadness.
“Welcome back to the world of the living, Argentina.” Anders pushed himself to the edge of his seat and gestured for her to sit down on the ragged footrest that the chair came with. “I assume that you got a quality rest last night.”
She shrugged. “Sure. If you want to call it that. Why am I here? And I don’t just mean this room. I mean all-” she waved around the room- “of this place. Why’d Giles just randomly kidnap me one day? And what’s the purpose of the wings? And why was Miranda downstairs, anyways?”
“I hope that you’ll forgive me for not being able to tell every single detail to you yet. Your wings are deadly like this so that you’ll learn to be gentle and without the jerky motions like your predecessors have, and I’m not completely sure why Miranda felt it necessary to go down and interrupt my project. Speaking of Miranda, I’m sure that you’ll be pleased to know that she quite dislikes you now that you’ve gone and sliced her leg open. She’s in the recovery suite currently.”
“It was an accident!”
Anders undid his shirt buttons then, not bothering to answer Argentina’s protestations. As he shed the amaranth silk dayshirt and the patch on his chest was revealed, Argentina became more and more acutely aware of the second hand on the clock hanging on the wall ticking away, also unaware to her slowly leaning back in horror until she lost her balance and fell right before the flames with a yelp.
“I’m okay! Stay away from me!” she protested, refusing Anders’ hand reached out for help until he arose from his chair and pulled her back up himself. Shuddering, she moved to leave the room until Giles blocked the door and sent her back to her seat on the foot rest.
“We are almost done now, Argentina. I just need one more thing from you.”
“Get away from me, immortal fiend!”
“Feeling poetic today, aren’t you? Anyways, it’s my suite. I’m the only one with authority to send people away.” He crossed his legs as Giles put his hands on Argentina’s shoulders to restrain her. “While your heart rate is up, I want you to think about every single thing you loved about Samhain. Her fluffy blonde head of hair, perhaps? The way she softened out your hard edges and rubbed your flaws raw?” A small flit of satisfaction streaked through him as her jaw clenched and Giles increased his own grip. “Just focus on that for a few minutes. Let the anger simmer, and when Giles feels that it’s been long enough, he’ll take you back downstairs to your place in the dorms and you’ll have the rest of the day to yourself.”


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