void, part two

If this was death, then death was probably the most boring thing I had ever experienced aside from the regulations lecture every class on the first day of school and listening to my brothers scream at each other over video games at the dinner table. Granted, the newness of the classroom was enough to distract me from the routine dissemination of… well, routines, and I ate quickly enough on most days to leave before the dumping of irrelevant information about shoddily-made TV shows fried my brain. There was no possible escape from the slow numbing of my limbs hidden in the blue porcelain walls of this prison unless I was willing to create chaos with an audience of one.

Every few minutes, some recurring internal sound at the edge of my consciousness that beckons me to return to reality intrudes on a few unlucky shards of light and sends it scattering, although a mere sound should not have such an effect on pure energy. Maybe the whole universe has ceased to exist outside of this pod, and I’m the only human being left, doomed to float ceaselessly among the stars without hope of release or even seeing the wonders laid out all around me. But if I was trapped in a void, wouldn’t everything float equally?


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