not your lover either

Anders’ wake-up call came a little gentler this time, being that Giles found him curled up around Miranda with the sheets tossed haphazardly around the two. Miranda’s sleeping face was still the same incredulous expression that he’d accepted Anders’ proposition of partnership with two days ago, although Giles still suspected that Miranda would take a far longer time to even consider any vestige of marriage than it had taken to relent to the insisting pleas of the master.

“Master Shew? It’s time to get on with the day. Detatch from your lover and get dressed.” Giles ruffed up Anders’ hair a bit, eliciting a groan from both of the sleeping duo and forcing Anders to roll his way out of bed. “Good morning, purveyor of hearts.”

“Curator might be a better word choice.” Miranda accepted the reality of the dawning day and slipped out in her crumpled nightgown as Anders pulled himself up using a bar on the footboard. “And that’s if I ever do manage to catch a heart and keep it safe long enough to call it mine.”

“Don’t count on it… um… you know, I don’t know your first name. It’s all ‘Master Shew’ this and that.” Miranda waved his arms around for effect, almost knocking a silver compass off of its precarious stand on the dresser. “Pretty sure actual lovers know the names of the person they’re supposed to love.”

“My name’s Anders. Hopefully that doesn’t ring a few bells.”

A faint chill slipped down Miranda’s spine, but he chalked it up to a faulty vent somewhere in the room.”Okay, then, Anders, what’s the plan going to be today?” His eyes drifted between the other two males in the room, both looking slightly uneasy at Miranda’s unconventional appearance. What exactly were they supposed to expect of the morning behaviors of someone neither man nor woman? “What about that Rena person? Remember when I was supposed to be seeing her every day or something? Why’d it stop?”

Giles stepped forward to unlock the door, and he led the two towards the winding staircase downstairs. Anders reached for Miranda’s hand, and he sped up to avoid taking it. “She’s currently in an isolation tank, and she’ll come out when she’s ready to be a much more interesting subject. Whining and angsting all day are not my favorite things to observe.”

“So you just dumped her in there… because she wasn’t doing anything? Aren’t those reserved for people who have actually managed to cause trouble?” Miranda’s fingers slid along the chilled ghostly marble of the staircase railings, which had clearly more effort and money put into making them special for Anders.

“Rena might as well be one of the detractors. She’s sapping up resources that we would rather spend on getting ready for spring and somehow also harassing those assigned to keeping her isolated from the rest of the group. Minnesota is getting surprisingly warmer, considering it was Antarctica a week ago, and I’d prefer to not have to put up another glass dome over the place. Something always breaks when you put teenagers and glass together.”


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