into the rabbit hole

I am still searching for peace somewhere in this hellhole
Taken in small bits day by day and hidden away

I am still confused by what the plans of this place could possibly be
Somewhere in here is the closure I am searching for

Where is it, though?
Obscured in the heart of the beast
Riding on hopes that I don’t realize
That this whole place is not, in fact, pivoting on whether I live or die
Hiding somewhere in plain sight, probably

Finding floods of new sensations dumped into my veins
Ignited by inactivity and fueled by the ghost of Samhain
Gobbling up whatever free space I had in my mind
How naïve I was to think
That I could ever do anything like this alone
I don’t even have a plan for how to get out of here
Never mind finding Anders and setting straight the web of
Greed that I have been pulled into

Fools are the only ones who could find themselves here
Or hapless people such as me
Rena was never the person she expected herself to blossom into


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