rose curling up (Argentina)

and with a single blow
Anders falls to the ground like Samhain did to her steering wheel
a hole straight through his chest and a one-way ticket straight to a hell
and that’s even if hell exists

and I find myself falling in my own way
towards where Samhain makes two final strokes of her fingers
one through my hair while she mouths “I love you”
and one more with her bloody fingers leaving traces on my face

and with a single mouthed expression
she turns her gaze to the sky forevermore
she focused on an afterlife she’ll probably never meet
and I focused on a future without my main reason for living the past few months

and when all the guards scatter a few minutes later as the cowardly beings they are
I find my phone in the van and call 911
for at least then I can own up to my past mistakes
and hopefully start making reparations to the future


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