motives, part 2 (Samhain)

now that I’ve had a night to mull it over
and a whole morning to finalize my suspicions
it has come to my attention
that almost my doctors were named Anders in some form

the health problems didn’t start until I was a youngster, I remember
and all the doctors had the same cold grey eyes
Mom always wondered why the treatments weren’t covered very much by insurance
and I always seemed to need more vaccines than anybody else

I always have been a freak of nature
if not for intervention, I would have been born far more premature
condemned to a neonatal unit away from my parents until I died
taken home in a box and buried along with the memories

more information is needed until a full motive can be determined
and I do not want to rush and put Argentina on the line
for, like it or not, she is the expendible one in this situation
unless she becomes aware of Anders’ advances on her


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