motives, part 1 (Argentina)

A cup of coffee never tasted so good as when it was sipped on a balcony overlooking a city of grandfathers and blanketed by an array of pastel hues. Maybe this will be a good break from reality, Argentina… maybe I can make something of this death trip.
“The sky’s pretty, isn’t it?” a voice chimed in behind me, startling me and almost making me spill the full of coffee. “No need to be unsettled. Just Anders here, coming to discuss a few things with you.”
Warily watching him sit down next to me on the wooden bench, he draped one arm over the arm rest and one over my shoulder lazily like we had suddenly become best friends. “Why are you here, Anders? Don’t you have some rich person things to be doing?”
“Not at the current moment. You two are my top priority, actually.” He sighed deeply, enjoying the morning air. “I came up here to make you aware that I’m not doing this for altruistic reasons or because I enjoy playing keep away with self-entitled people who like playing God.”
“So… why kidnap us? Why do you care?”
“Because it’s a waste to have all this wealth and see little kids like you try to survive on your own and not do anything about it. But in all seriousness, it’s because I would prefer seeing Samhain be taken to a place where she helps humanity achieve a longer lifespan-”
“You’re doing what?” I pushed myself up off the bench and stood up against the balcony. You know, because appearing bigger happens when people feel threatened.
“-instead of making people immortal or going to waste on the fringes of society. Really, it’s all painless, and Samhain would transition peacefully into death in an ethical way-”
“No. No, no, no. I’m not letting you do… things with Samhain. Nobody’s getting ethically killed.”
He rolled his eyes, casually pulling out a pistol that he’d concealed within his hoodie and twirled it around in his fingers. “You forget that you’re at the mercy of my financial empire, and since you’ve already accepted my help, you’re mine now. Be grateful that I’m giving you the opportunity to know what’s going on. We leave for the facility in four days, so you better experience the city before I clip your wings in lieu of death.”
“And why would you kill me if it’s Samhain you want?”
He stashed the pistol back in the holder sewn into the inside of his hoodie. “Because you’ve seen too much.” He got up then, passing through my room quietly without meeting my gaze and opened the door to the outer hallway of the hotel. “Really, Argentina, you should be thanking me that I don’t just kill you and take Samhain. You’re useless, except for Samhain loves you too much to rail against our cage at the expense of your life.”
“You’re an asshole, Anders.”
“At least I’m a smart one.” And with that, he lightly closed the door behind him, leaving just as Samhain opened her eyes to a new day suddenly more cold and threatening.


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