paint palettes and price tags (Samhain)


Already, in two days of traveling during the night, I’d seen more of the world than I ever did stuck back in Wychester. Desolate scenes complete with snowy pine trees and empty farm fields stared back at me, framed by slick gray roads and a canvas full of the same monochrome shades of black with poofs of imperfections every now and then. If I had reached my arm out of the moving car window, I felt like I could brush my fingers past all of the paint strokes, but then Argentina would have reminded me that nobody could ever truly touch the sky and that having an arm out the car window posed a risk in case any other cars went by.
Today’s rest was spent in an IKEA store. Strangely enough, nobody bothered us, probably since we were sleeping alone a few beds apart and looked like we had nothing to do with each other. You’d think that a store on Saturday would be busy and crowded with people, even more so since Christmas was a few weeks away, but no- nothing but peace all around and all the customers remaining at a different end of the store.


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