fallen angel

once a week, she walks into her own prison cell
unaccompanied by any person guards but still forced
but she kills her mind and stores it away for future resurrection
before this place can kill it and keep her down

these walls are covered in blood
swept under the carpet and painted white as angels
and as crooked as the compasses that think they need resetting
coerced into submission by the voices of sirens

this place says that it’s a factory for peace
but it’s really a factory for pain and anguish
manifesting itself years later as a shattering of glass walls
or as a donning of masks and a suppression of minds

she used to be the girl who could fly
until the stalking beings came and clipped her wings at an early age
and she has known nothing but a life-size cage with hellhounds waiting on the outside
but the house of wolves only started biting when she woke up with a key


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