the first day is always the hardest (Samhain)

There’s sunlight coming from above me, and Argentina is still awake, and I’m moving… and moving… and moving…

“Oh, hey there, Samhain. I was starting to wonder when you’d be awake.” Shifting a little, I found myself in a plainly decorated hotel room with the lone bed that I’d woken up in. Argentina looked like she was just about to crash into bed with me and sleep for a week straight. “We can’t drive during the day. Too many people who might see someone of permit age and call the cops, although judging from the local news, nobody’s noticed our absence enough to be on alert yet.”

“Alright…” I slipped out of bed, and Argentina fell face-first onto the bed sheets in my place, stifling a scream of frustration. The bathroom mirror, once I had actually found the bathroom, revealed a foreign version of Samhain standing in my place with hair more mussed and wild and clothes more crumpled than the face of Mount Everest. Sure, falling asleep in a car with a seatbelt for a pillow wouldn’t exactly give someone the purest beauty sleep of their lives, but I expected to at least look as degenerate as the person on the other side of the mirror.

“Alright, Samhain, pull yourself together. It’s only day one, after all,” I muttered to myself as I returned to the main room and found the suitcase I’d stuffed full of clothes. I’d managed to be neat instead of haphazard, for once, and hopefully there would be some washing machines (or at least good sinks) in the motels to come so that I could at least pretend that I wasn’t trying to take care of myself and horribly failing. Returning to the shower after pulling out something nondescript, I slowly undressed, hoping that Argentina wouldn’t discover that the bathroom door had no lock on it and choose now to “accidentally” walk in.

Of course, the shower had some kind of faucet control that looked like it was a gift from the aliens, so I spent the first five minutes of my shower as an iceberg and the second five-minute period in wet hell. By the time that the water was shut off due to a time limit, I’d already managed to dump half of the tiny free shampoo bottle on my head and mess it around enough that it was practically out already.

So alright… I stepped out and grabbed a fresh towel from the racks. Escaping from home? Check. Argentina knocked on the door then, and I shouted to wait a few minutes to dry off. Having a plan for how to get up to the cabin? Check. “Come on, Samhain, I look like trash and you’ve been in there for twenty minutes already!” But where to go after that, and what to d when we’re there? “Samhain, I’m going to just walk in if you don’t answer me.”

“I’m sure that a towel will be enough for you to handle yourself while you un-trash yourself.” Wrapping a towel around myself and opening the bathroom door, I found Argentina even messier than I’d left her with her arms full of various beauty products and her own shower things. “Stars, how did you even have room for all this stuff? And is makeup really necessary for survival?”

“Well, if I get arrested for kidnapping a minor even though I am one, I want to at least look presentable.”


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